N.Y. Governor Announces $26 Million in Recycling Grants

Gov.Eliot Spitzer announced that recycling programs throughout the state will receive $26 million in recycling grants made available through the state Environmental Protection Fund. The funding will be divided among 92 municipalities and solid waste management authorities to buy trucks and sorting equipment, improve facilities and promote recycling.

"As governor and attorney general, I have worked to increase recycling, improve enforcement and enhance the public's understanding the importance of reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills and incinerators," Spitzer said. "This funding will help further all of those goals. It will provide local governments with substantial, on-the-ground assistance to improve their recycling programs."

The recycling grants provide funding for municipal waste reduction, recycling, and composting programs; to assist with costs, such as the construction of recycling and composting facilities; the purchase of recycling and composting equipment; waste reduction programs to reduce and prevent waste generation; reuse projects such as materials exchanges; and public outreach campaigns to promote and expand recycling efforts.

The Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) Municipal Waste Reduction and Recycling grant program provides up to 50 percent reimbursement to local governments for eligible project costs, limited to a maximum state share of $2 million per project. A list of the grant recipients and intended projects follows. All projects are subject to a final eligibility review and final eligible cost approval.

DEC also reminds New Yorkers that there are several ways they can help reduce the amount of waste generated this holiday season. Tips include recycling Christmas trees in municipalities that provide that opportunity, composting kitchen food scraps from holiday dinners and parties, investing in rechargeable batteries and reducing, reusing and recycling gift wrap, greeting cards and holiday decorations. For more tips and information, go to http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/8829.html.

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