Company to Reduce Hazardous Emissions from Mississippi Facility

Georgia Gulf Chemicals and Vinyls, LLC (Georgia Gulf) will perform corrective measures to prevent the discharge of up to 12,000 pounds of vinyl chloride per year from entering an unlined surface impoundment at its Aberdeen, Miss., polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturing facility, EPA and and the Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality announced.

Under the agreement reached with federal officials, the Atlana, Ga.-based company will implement several standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with RCRA and the Clean Air Act. Further, Georgia Gulf also agreed to comply with specific Clean Water Act and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act requirements.

Georgia Gulf will pay a civil penalty of $610,000 to be split evenly between the federal government and Mississippi. Georgia Gulf also agreed to perform corrective measures at an estimated cost of $2,900,000, including installation of an air stripper to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by removing vinyl chloride from process wastewater.

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