AwwaRF Introduces New Fast-Track Research Program

Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF), the nonprofit water research foundation dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, has announced a new program to accelerate research of critical importance to drinking water suppliers—the Rapid Response Research Program.

Approved by the AwwaRF Board of Trustees, the Rapid Response Research Program supports a quicker response to urgent, immediate, or unforeseen research needs of the drinking water community. Through this program, smaller, fast-track research projects are funded that will determine the magnitude of a selected issue and its impacts on drinking water utilities. These projects will also define the current state of knowledge and identify gaps to direct possible follow-on research efforts.

“The Rapid Response Research Program provides a mechanism to fund research and deliver information on emerging issues in a time-critical way,” said Robert C. Renner, executive director of AwwaRF. “The program emphasizes the delivery of credible information to help water utilities respond to and communicate effectively about pressing, high-profile issues.”

Potential issues for study under the program will be accepted from utilities and others in the water supply community. Issues will be considered and selected as they arise, based on criteria that include time sensitivity, nature of impact, extent of the issue, and identifiable research solutions. To learn more about this program, visit AwwaRF’s Web site.

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