Watergy Gets Contract for Oil/Gas-Produced Water

Watergy Produced Water Solutions, Inc., a Denver-based oil and gas services provider of turnkey produced water management solutions, has received an additional contract to treat water produced from oil and gas exploration in the Rocky Mountain region.

The contract provides for Watergy's technology and equipment to treat an initial 4,000 barrels a day of produced water increasing to 20,000 barrels a day. The treated water will be reused beneficially for irrigation purposes. The source of the water will be from oil and gas production on the Western Slope of Colorado. Watergy will receive an operation and maintenance contract for this facility upon startup. The combined value of the equipment and services contracts is estimated to be $5 million over five years.

CEO George Kast stated, "This project is of particular interest as we will be reusing the treated water to irrigate high-value agricultural crops. We will create a real world demonstration of our technology as a model for beneficial use of produced water from oil and gas production."

Watergy reports that it has delivered its initial oil and gas produced water treatment facility and begun start up and testing for the facility.

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