ASTM Precast Concrete Subcommittee Addresses Stormwater Products

Responding to an increasing level of interest from engineers, regulators and communities, ASTM International Committee C27 on Precast Concrete Products has formed new Subcommittee C27.70 on Precast Concrete Products for Stormwater Management.

“New environmental regulations, as well as vastly improved methods of meeting these, have created many new products and practices for stormwater management and treatment,” says Michael R. Miller, international sales manager, Press-Seal Gasket Corporation, and chair of Subcommittee C27.70. “The growth of this industry has created a need for some means of standardization and ASTM is the most recognizable group to offer this leadership.”

Miller says that the scope of C27.70 covers precast concrete products that can be used for many different stormwater management applications. Because the structural design of precast products is already standardized through other ASTM committees, the work of C27.70 will be limited to stormwater management applications. The first two proposed standards that C27.70 is working on are for measuring treatment efficiency and for measuring hydraulic capacity of hydrodynamic separators. “These proposed standards will provide engineers with comparative data on the many different styles and sizes of the separators currently being offered,” says Miller.

In addition to work on the proposed standards, the subcommittee has also formed a task group on terminology, since it was felt that C27.70 should start by gathering and defining the terms unique to the subcommittee.

Subcommittee C27.70 welcomes participation in its standards developing activities. “We always value participation by regulators and specifiers,” says Miller. “They offer insights into real-world needs and concerns that others may not have.” To view a short video on Subcommittee C27.70 go to

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