Earthquake Inspections Indicate no Damage to State Water Project, Levees

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) inspections indicate no damage to State Water Project facilities or levees following the Oct. 30 magnitude 5.6 earthquake along the Calaveras Fault. DWR followed standard inspection procedures after the quake occurred, officials said on Oct. 31.

South Bay facilities, North Bay facilities, San Luis Dam, O'Neill Dam, Los Banos Detention Dam, Gianelli Pumping/Generating Plant, Dos Amigos Pumping Plant and the main State Water Project canal from Clifton Court to milepost 91 were inspected. State Water Project facilities requiring inspection are determined by the magnitude of an earthquake and the distance of the given facility from the epicenter.

The quake's epicenter was a considerable distance from flood control levees and no problems are anticipated, but precautionary surveys continued on Oct. 31.

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