AWWA, NRWA to Work on Common Goals

American Water Works Association (AWWA) President Nilaksh Kothari and National Rural Water Association (NRWA) President Rodney Tart recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) affirming each association's common goals and declaring their intent to work more closely together in the future, AWWA announced on Oct. 1.

"AWWA is truly committed to developing this working relationship with NRWA," Kothari said. "Both organizations will benefit from each other's strengths, and this new era of cooperation and coordination will ultimately serve consumers from communities of all sizes."

The MOU, signed during NRWA's Annual Conference in Philadelphia, states that the respective presidents of each association will meet at least twice a year and will appoint a joint work group to develop an annual action plan to fulfill the intent of the agreement. The groups also will review the implementation of the MOU, hold formal partnering sessions and recommend amendments.

Tart stated: "It is important that our respective organizations continue to seek opportunity in areas where we can find mutual agreement. I am encouraged by this new collaborative effort to advance the water industry."

The MOU states that the associations' common goals are to advance education, science and technology; to disseminate technical information and provide training assistance; to increase public understanding; to promote sound public policy, and to improve trust and confidence between AWWA and NRWA.

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