AwwaRF Announces RFPs for Small-Utility Projects

On Sept. 26, the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AwwaRF), the leading nonprofit water research foundation dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, announced requests for proposals (RFPs) for two new projects that will focus on the specific needs of smaller drinking water utilities.

The two projects, which are being funded for a total of $250,000, are the first to be funded through the new AwwaRF Small Systems Initiative, which was launched earlier this year. Under the initiative, AwwaRF is focusing research resources on the challenges faced by small water utilities.

“Smaller water suppliers must deal with issues that are unique to their size and limited resources,” said Robert C. Renner, Executive Director of AwwaRF. “These targeted studies will assist them in delivering safe and affordable drinking water to the public.”

One project—“Source Water Protection Cost/Benefit Tool”—will develop a new application for critically evaluating the cost and benefits of implementing a source water protection program. The second project—“Synthesis Document On Pipe Location and Leakage Management”—will produce a guidance document on locating and proactively managing leaks from underground pipes, with particular emphasis on pipe materials and conditions that are relevant to small systems. Researchers interested in submitting a proposal may view the RFPs at The proposal deadline is Nov. 30, 2007.

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