GE Unveils Credit Card Dedicated to Trimming U.S. Cardholders' Carbon Emissions

On July 25, General Electric (GE) unveiled the GE Money Earth Rewards(SM) Platinum MasterCard®, a credit card dedicated to reducing cardholders' carbon emissions through greenhouse gas emission offsets.

The card allows users to reduce their carbon footprint by automatically contributing up to one percent of their card purchases to buy greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions offsets. By making Earth Rewards their primary card, a typical consumer could earn enough rewards to offset a significant portion of their likely direct annual GHG emissions. The application process is 100 percent paperless, through

"Earth Rewards cardholders will now have a new tool to complement the ways they are already reducing their emissions," said Tom Gentile, CMO, GE Money. "They can turn everyday purchases into extraordinary rewards. Users of the Earth Rewards Card can be sure that for every one dollar they spend, they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping fight climate change."

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This article originally appeared in the 07/01/2007 issue of Environmental Protection.

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