EPA fines companies for pesticide violations

Recent cases involving three Pennsylvania businesses and one in Virginia demonstrate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?s intent to enforce federal pesticide laws to protect consumers and the environment.

EPA?s mid-Atlantic region filed a complaint against Ernest Clamar for allegedly selling or distributing unregistered pesticides. Clamar was doing business as Interstate Products, Inc. and Ecco Industries, Inc. Both companies are wholesalers of soaps and detergents based in Courtdale, Pa.

EPA?s mid-Atlantic regional office settled two other pesticide cases with two Pennsylvania companies for alleged distribution of unregistered or misbranded pesticides. Misco Products Corporation of Reading, Pa., manufactures cleaning and floor care products, and Advanced Skin Technologies in Bernville, Pa., manufactures chemical products for the dairy industry. In settling with EPA, the companies have certified that they are now in compliance with federal pesticide requirements. Misco?s settlement included a $55,450 fine.

In Virginia, Chemcore Inc., an industrial cleaning and process chemicals company, in Covington, agreed to settle its case with EPA for an alleged pesticide reporting violation. Chemcore, doing business as ChemStation, paid a $3,900 penalty and has certified that they are in compliance with pesticide regulations.

?Selling and distributing unregistered or misbranded pesticides are violations that can result in harm to public health and the environment,? said Donald S. Welsh, EPA?s mid-Atlantic regional administrator. ?These kinds of cases don?t get much attention but they?re important because they serve as a deterrent to businesses that are lax in complying with the pesticide laws.?

For more information on pesticide regulation and enforcement, please visit the EPA's website at: www.epa.gov

This article originally appeared in the 07/01/2007 issue of Environmental Protection.

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