YSI Foundation Grant Will Help Others to 'Mind the Planet'

According to the United Nations, by 2050 at least one out of four people is likely to live in countries affected by chronic or recurrent shortages of freshwater. The growing scarcity of clean water around the world is due to many factors, such as overpopulation, poor sanitation, agricultural practices, and political strife.

To enhance its activity in global change issues, the YSI Foundation is offering its second Minding the Planet grant for $10,000 in 2007.

"Last year's inaugural grant was a huge success and we're excited to offer the grant again this year," states Susan Miller, YSI Foundation President. "It puts into action YSI's commitment to ecological sustainability and it will allow us to assist passionate people who work to protect the planet."

The Foundation encourages non-profit, non-governmental organizations from around the world to apply for this grant. Types of projects that are eligible for funding include:
• Preservation, restoration, and/or remediation of water systems
• Restoration of polluted watersheds
• Addressing impacts caused by climate change

YSI, a global, employee-owned company, manufactures a full line of multiparameter, real-time monitoring systems for environmental applications. Since 1990, YSI has publicly demonstrated commitment to its core values and being a good corporate citizen through its 501(c)(3) Foundation.