The Greening of U.S. Industry

Many companies are voluntarily seitching to better air pollution control equipment

Something happened over the last two years that altered the landscape in the industrial air pollution control market, which had been stagnant if not declining for the 10 years prior. The demand for new control equipment has been steadily increasing, but the primary reason is not due to new governmental standards or enforcement of existing regulations under the Clean Air Act.

There has been a revival of projects for air pollution control providers primarily because of economic growth and the voluntary efforts of companies looking to preserve our environment, protect our communities and slow global warming. I would like to recognize many of our customers, both large and small across the United States who recently upgraded to new, more efficient and cost-effective air pollution control equipment.

By replacing old oxidation technologies with new state-of-the-art equipment, these companies are decreasing the amount of toxins and greenhouse gases released into the air. Less electricity and natural gas is consumed to achieve destruction with new oxidizer technologies, reducing carbon dioxide seems to be a priority for all our customers. Whether these companies are interested in replacing old equipment or adding a heat exchanger to an existing system, reducing energy consumption is also a primary objective.

The storm that our company weathered to arrive at these new flourishing markets was challenging and I would not wish it on any supplier. But, the efforts of these “green” companies, which ensure that our children and future generations will have a sustainable environment, also helps our company, Anguil Environmental Systems to achieve its mission statement, “Committed To Cleaner Air.”

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2007 issue of Environmental Protection.

About the Author

Gene Anguil is president and owner of Anguil Inc. He has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s, and holds several patents. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Rome, Italy. He can be reached at

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