Water Agencies Unite to Urge Federal Support for New Water Supplies

Advocates for new water supplies nationwide have united to form a coalition to push for expanded federal support for water supply infrastructure.

The Washington, D.C.-based group of public water agencies and water industry companies will seek congressional support for the development of new water supply projects nationwide including seawater and brackish groundwater desalination, water recycling and groundwater-reclamation projects.

The New Water Supply Coalition is an expanded organization that grew from the U.S. Desalination Coalition (http://www.usdesal.org), formed in 2002, to seek federal funding for the construction of seawater and brackish groundwater desalination projects. The U.S. Desalination Coalition has several major public water agency members from Florida, Texas and California. The U.S. Desalination Coalition raised congressional awareness of the nation's looming water supply crisis.

"Our growing national population and the challenges posed by climate change make the development of new water supplies a critical priority for our nation," said Hal Furman, executive director of the New Water Supply Coalition. "We have the technology to develop new water supplies if it becomes a national priority, but time is of the essence."

The New Water Supply Coalition has broadened its membership and focus to support any new water supply programs that can create new water facilities that are needed for the growing population in the country.

The New Water Supply Coalition is currently drafting new legislation that would authorize public water supply agencies to issue tax credit bonds to help finance construction of new water supply infrastructure. Eligible projects under the program envisioned by the coalition would include: coastal seawater and inland brackish groundwater desalination plants, water recycling projects and groundwater contamination cleanup projects that create new water supplies. The coalition will be seeking congressional sponsors to introduce this legislation in the 110th Congress now in session.

For more information about the New Water Supply Coalition, visit http://www.newwatersupply.org.

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