New Web Video On Water Infrastructure To Help Public Officials, Water Managers

On Nov. 30, EPA announced a new Web video that can help water and wastewater managers, as well as elected officials, make smart choices as they address infrastructure issues.

The video, Bridging the Gap, outlines the key steps to developing an asset management plan for both novice and experienced professionals. The hosting Web site provides an online learning experience with an extensive array of reference materials to support the central concepts and real-world examples of emerging best practices and innovations in water asset management.

Bridging the Gap provides an overview of issues to promote municipal infrastructure asset management and it motivates viewers to apply the concepts to their local challenges. The video includes interviews with EPA officials and perspectives on water and wastewater from stakeholder organizations. It also includes commentary from leading local public officials. Developed with EPA grant funds, this video and Web site are a collaborative undertaking with Penn State's College of Engineering, World Campus, and its public broadcasting units.

The Web site is broken down into three modules:

  • Module 1, which is designed to help users understand key principles of asset management and its components. The module seeks to inspire municipal officials to become stewards of water and wastewater infrastructure asset management through perspectives on building the case for asset management, getting people on board, and managing change.
  • Module 2, which is more technical in focus, examines best practices for water and wastewater infrastructure asset management. Overall, it provides users with an overview of implementing an asset management plan.
  • Module 3, which is designed to provide answers to common research and education questions from leading experts in the field of municipal infrastructure asset management. In addition, this module provides several international perspectives on municipal infrastructure asset management.

To access the video and related materials, go to

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