New Document To Help In Locating, Understanding RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Regulatory Requirements

On Aug. 4, EPA announced on its Web site a document that serves as a user-friendly reference to assist EPA and state staff, industrial facilities generating and managing hazardous wastes and the general public, in locating and understanding the current RCRA hazardous waste generator regulatory requirements.

These requirements are located primarily in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Part 262. The requirements discussed in the reference document are organized by generator status -- conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQGs), small quantity generators (SQGs) and large quantity generators (LQGs).

The web-based document is not a substitute for the CFR itself or the requirements contained in the CFR. The document is also not a rulemaking in any way, EPA officials stated. Additionally, this reference document presents only the federal requirements for hazardous waste generators. Most states are authorized to manage their hazardous waste generator regulatory program. Therefore, states may have their own set of regulations that apply in lieu of federal regulations, and while most state hazardous waste regulations are based on the federal requirements, some states have developed regulations more stringent than the federal program.

To help stakeholders better understand specific requirements, EPA also provided, where applicable, hyperlinks to frequently asked questions, letters and memoranda issued by the agency, as well as guidance documents developed by EPA that provide further clarification of the hazardous waste generator regulations.

Because regulations are promulgated throughout the year, EPA intends to update this reference document periodically to remain up-to-date with the hazardous waste generator regulatory requirements, officials said.

The document can be accessed at

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2006 issue of Environmental Protection.

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