Outstanding Practices by Business and Industry in the Water Sector Sought as Nominations for the Stockholm Industry Water Award

Companies that have contributed to pollution elimination or reduced freshwater consumption through innovative programs, policies, processes, or products now have the opportunity to be nominated for the 2006 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

The Stockholm Water Foundation presents the award in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Nomination forms and criteria are available at www.siwi.org.

Nominations will be accepted until Feb. 28, 2006, from businesses and industries whose resources, competencies, and experiences have helped reduce the effects of the escalating world water crisis. The award was founded to stimulate business contributions to sustainable water development and recognises:

  • Innovative corporate development of water and wastewater process technologies,
  • Environmental improvement through improved performance in production processes,
  • New products or technologies, and
  • Other significant corporate contributions to helping improve the world water situation.

The award will be presented in August 2006 during the World Water Week in Stockholm www.worldwaterweek.org.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2006 issue of Environmental Protection.

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