Calculator To Help Users Understand, Improve Daily Paper Use

On Nov. 29, Environmental Defense announced the release of its "new and improved" Paper Calculator -- a web-based tool that enables companies, communities, schools other organizations to understand and improve their daily paper use.

The Paper Calculator provides users with the U.S. average energy and wood consumption and environmental releases of different paper types across their full lifecycle. For each of thirteen major grades of paper and paperboard, it allows the user to compare the environmental impacts of papers made with different levels of recycled content, and to see how using less paper or changing other specifications can reduce environmental impacts. Finally, the Paper Calculator helps users to measure and communicate the environmental benefits of better paper choices.

Paper-making is a resource intensive process, and paper use is growing -- U.S. office paper use now stands at more than 5 million tons per year -- requiring more than 17.3 million tons of wood and generating nearly 11.4 million tons of solid waste.

With its improved user interface, advanced analytical features, and enhanced data outputs, the new Paper Calculator provides a wide range of paper purchasers with an easy-to-use tool to quantify the environmental benefits of better paper choices, according to Environmental Defense. Visit to learn more.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2005 issue of Environmental Protection.

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