2001 Editorial Index

Aboveground Storage Tanks

Aboveground Storage Tank Trends (There has been a push for more liberal interpretation of codes to allow tanks with lower testing criteria to be permitted in more situations due to cost factors), By David P. Harris, July '01, p. 18.

Containment with Fewer Limits (Today's advances in modular storage tank design promise versatility and lower cost), By Reed Margulis, July '01, p. 24.

Air Pollution Control and Monitoring

Up in the Air (Choosing the correct particulate matter continuous emissions monitoring system), By Craig Clapsaddle, Feb. '01, p. 38.

Your Next Oxidizer (Used or upgraded, practical pointers to help you select air pollution control equipment), By James Gallo, Rodney Schwartz and James Cash, March '01, p. 74.

Power Tool (New optimization software offers fossil-fuel power plants additional NOx reductions), By Jeffrey J. Grott, MBA, April '01, p. 46.

Tomorrow's Technology (Remote infrared gas imagers promise economy and accuracy for detection of fugitive VOCs), By Howard Lentzner, PhD, May '01, p. 32.

Teaming Up Against Climate Change (Local and state governments and industry are working together to curb greenhouse gases), By Governor Jeanne Shaheen, June '01, p. 16.

The Right Way to Cut Carbon Emissions - Commentary (The ideal carbon emissions reduction system), By Peter Barnes, June '01, p. 22.

NOx in Non-Utility Industries - Part I (Air emission origins, best control solutions and monitoring methodology), By Greg Braswell, PhD, Yurri Matros, PhD, and Grigori Bunimovich, June '01, p. 50.

Climate Change Conundrum (Will cooling off global warming chill out the U.S. economy?), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, June '01, p. 6.

Turning Green Into Gold (By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, many U.S. locales are improving their quality of life and spurring economic growth), By Governor Jeanne Shaheen, July '01, p. 34.

NOx in Non-Utility Industries -- Part II (Control options and monitoring methodology), By Greg Braswell, PhD, Yurri Matros, PhD, and Grigori Bunimovich, July '01, p. 38.

Capturing Invisible Dust (Airborne dust particles carry a small electric charge that allows capture of ultrafine particles by triboelectric filtration), By Richard A.

Sullivan, PE, July '01, p. 51.

Mercury Makeover (Federal and state regulations are driving the development of new mercury abatement technologies), By Danielle Duclos, Aug. '01, p. 34.

Steering Clear of Pollution (Vehicle emission reduction technologies), By Lauren Smith, Sept. '01, p. 26.

Knocking Out NOx (A proven nitrogen oxides control option for gas turbines), By J. Charles Solt and Joseph Cussen, Dec. '01, p. 22.


New Law May Unlock Potential of Brownfields (More money, limited federal role and liability relief to spur new investment in idle land), By Stephen R. Verbit, Esquire, Aug. '01, p. 31.

A Brownfield Restoration Primer (There are profits in making more productive use of sites that are well located and suited for commercial applications), By Steve Irvin, Oct. '01, p. 38.

Business Trends and Strategies

Y2K Wrap-up (Deals, driving forces and details regarding significant consolidations), By Steve Maxwell, Jan. '01, p. 53.

Coming to Grips with (Business) Reality (The case for strategic planning), By Richard MacLean, Feb. '01, p. 42.

Opacity or Transparency? (Voluntary reporting is becoming more common, but where is it headed and will it matter?), By Richard MacLean, March '01, p. 93.

What's Your Strategy? (Environmental strategies get obscured in a fog of politically correct rhetoric. It's time to lift the cloud), By Richard MacLean, May '01, p. 42.

Shadow of Uncertainty (Unpredictable economy slows merger and acquisition pace), By Steve Maxwell, June '01, p. 63.

Gimme Shelter (Tax incentives for installing pollution control equipment are yielding bottom-line benefits for savvy companies), By Joseph J. Calvanico and Robert C. Dunlap, July '01, p. 47.

The Value Chase (With the economic slump, the pressure is on to increase performance and demonstrate value to business management), By Richard MacLean, July '01, p. 42.

What Were They Thinking? (Using scenario development to evaluate the soundness of your company's environmental strategic plan), By Richard MacLean, Aug. '01, p. 38.

Taking a Breather (The pace of mergers and acquisitions slows due to the economy), By Steve Maxwell, Sept. '01, p. 45.

Collateral Damage (Terrorist attacks stall environmental progress), By Richard MacLean, Dec. '01, p. 32.

Flooding the Market (Water deals dominate the environmental industry during 2001), By Steve Maxwell, Dec. '01, p. 36.

Clean Air Act Compliance

The Course Ahead (2001 promises important developments in indoor air quality laws, new source review and ozone and particulate standards), By William J. Moltz, PhD, Jan. '01, p. 22.

Uncertain Air Regulations ( NOx emerges as the pollutant of the millennium), By Dianne P. Crocker, March '01, p. 24.

From the Ground Up (Local governments are uniquely qualified to promote clean air strategies in U.S. communities), By Andrew Seth, March '01, p. 84.

Living with the CAAA (Strategy for complying with Clean Air Act Amendments), By Teresa Cunningham, Oct. '01, p. 44.

Title V Toolbox (Utilizing management tools to simplify the Clean Air Act's Title V compliance certification), By Brad Sims, PhD, PE, Nov. '01, p. 34.

Traffic: The Rise of CFC Contraband (Banned ozone depleting substances (ODSs) are the newest contraband to create headaches for U.S. enforcement agencies), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Nov. '01, p. 6.

Compliance and Enforcement Issues

Engineering Harmony between State and Federal Enforcement Powers (Recent cases confirm that state and federal governmental agencies can work together in enforcement actions), By Gary A. Jonesi, JD, Feb. '01, p. 14.

The Usual Suspects (In their fight to deter pollution and ensure greater compliance with environmental laws, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state environmental agencies have become more aggressive in recent years), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Feb. '01, p. 6.

NEPA in a Nutshell (Evaluating potential environmental impacts under the National Environmental Policy Act), By Valcar Bowman, PhD, REM, CE, March '01, p. 38.

Controlling Environmental Liabilities (The application of risk control strategies), By Greg Indelicato, March '01, p. 88.

Inside Cops (A growing number of environmental managers have taken on the additional role of self-policing their facilities), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, March '01, p. 8.

Computer Software

2001: A Software Odyssey (Your guide through the environmental software universe), April '01, p. 25.

Going Virtual with Chemical Reporting (Using chemical reporting software to keep companies compliant and workers safe), By Deonne Knill, April '01, p. 43.

Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning (Computer hardware and software have now become indispensable tools in curing the ills of our increasingly polluted planet), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, April '01, p. 6.

Drinking Water Treatment

Something in the Water - Part I (Findings concerning arsenic in drinking water), By Lisa Rademakers, June '01, p. 29.

Something in the Water -- Part II (The debate about the watery arsenic rule), By Lisa Rademakers, Oct. '01, p. 30.

E-Commerce and Internet Trends

Plug Into e-Commerce Trends (The Internet must be viewed from a new perspective in which the management of data and information is as integral as the procurement of goods and services), By Jason Hensel, Jan. '01, p. 12.

Hitting the Jackpot (The new global Internet economy has many environmental companies scrambling to get a piece of the action) By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Jan. '01, p. 6.

To Boolean "OR NOT" (A way to sharpen your Internet queries by mastering the Boolean search method), By Robert Lang, PhD, March '01, p. 65.

Editor's Choice: Web Sites (e-Bookmarks for e-mployment, e-nergy and e-verything related to water), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, and Lisa Rademakers, July '01, p. 14.

Emergency Planning and Response

What's the Plan? (Designing, analyzing and updating your company's emergency management procedures), By Aaron Michalove, Sept. '01, p. 37.

Seeing Community Right-to-Know Laws in a New Light (To overcome the recent attacks on the United States, we need to strengthen our security, while at the same time fortifying the freedoms that have made our nation great), By Angela Neville, Dec. '01, p. 6.

Energy Issues

Cooling Off Energy Usage (Small microchip technology leads to big accomplishments for electric motors), By Dave Mueller, PE, April '01, p. 53.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Opinions differ about the best way to reach a comprehensive national energy policy), By Brad Buecker, Aug. '01, p. 36.

Environmental Conferences

2001 AIHCE (Embracing change and the future), By Jason Hensel, May '01, p. 34.

No Time to Waste (The premier conference on air pollution control and waste management takes place in Orlando, Fla.), By Lisa Rademakers, June '01, p. 56.

Membranes & Magnolias (WEFTEC 2001 brings the latest wastewater and water technology to Atlanta, Ga.), By Lisa Rademakers, Oct. '01, p. 48.

Environmental Profession

2001 Salary Survey (Readers sound off about the new Bush administration, the slowing economy and other trends impacting the environmental industry), By Jason Hensel, Aug. '01, p. 14.

Stress Management: Escaping the Whirlwind (Environmental professionals are feeling the effects of stress in the workplace), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Aug. '01, p. 6.

Countdown to Zero (Environmental staffs are becoming smaller, but what is the ideal size?), By Richard MacLean, Oct. '01, p. 57.

Feeling Green Around the Gills (It is time to check the health of the environmental profession), By Richard MacLean, Nov. '01, p. 42.

Environmental Site Assessments

ESA Standards Get a Makeover (Revisions to the ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment guidelines represent significant interpretive changes for both user and environmental professionals), By Nicholas Albergo, PE, DEE, April '01, p. 49.

Facilities of the Year

Leading the Way (Our five Facilities of the Year demonstrate that profitable business practices can go hand in hand with exemplary commitment to the environment), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Dec. '01, p. 12.


2001 Buyer's Guide, March '01, p. 117.

Consultants Guide (An alphabetical profile listing of environmental consulting service specialists), Compiled Lisa Rademakers, Nov. '01, p. 15.

Hazardous Materials Management

Out With the Old (New law frees recyclers from major legal costs), By Stephen R. Verbit, Esquire, Feb. '01, p. 33.

On Track (How the U.S. manifest system is improving the management and transportation of hazardous waste), By Mike Butler, Sept. '01, p. 14.

Hazardous Waste Classification: Easier Said Than Done (An overview of the regulatory definitions and major exclusions of RCRA's hazardous waste classifications), By Viviana L. Heger, JD, Sept. '01, p. 20.

Hazardous Waste's New Manifest Destiny (Hazardous waste generated at a facility and shipped off-site can be traced easily at all times thank to the Hazardous Waste Manifest System), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Sept. '01, p. 6.

Keeping Hazardous Waste Contained (Storage lockers offer a cost-effective solution with low risk), By Roger Quinlan and Arthur M. Stevens, SFPE, ASSE, Oct. '01, p. 50.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road (As waste piles of scrap tires increase and threaten the environment, efforts are speeding up to put them to productive use), By Ben Banipal, Willie Kelley, Jim Mullens and Ragan Broyles, Dec. '01, p. 26.

Health and Safety Issues

Playing It Safe (Emerging health and safety trends that could impact your company's solvency and your career), By Richard MacLean, April '01, p. 18.

Indoor Air Quality

Captive Wind - Part I (Solving indoor air quality problems through a better understanding of starting air sources and air handling systems), By Martha Boss, CIH, CSP, Dennis Day, CIH and Brian Wight, PE, May '01, p. 16.

Invasion of the Microbes (Biological pollutants are impacting indoor environments), By Simon Turner, June '01, p. 68.

Captive Wind -- Part II (Solving indoor air quality problems through a better understanding of starting air sources and air handling systems), By Martha Boss, CIH, CSP, Dennis Day, CIH, and Brian Wight, PE, Sept. '01, p. 51.


Using Environmental Insurance (Providing certainty to remediation costs), by Michael E. Resch, PE, and William A. Duvel, PhD, PE, June '01, p. 42.

ISO 14000 and Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14000 Solutions (Small to mid-size businesses can turn to software to implement EMS programs), By Jeremy Rishel and Jodi Brickley Hubble, Jan. '01, p. 42.

Implementing an EMS (Environmental management systems provide a structure for conformance and compliance), By Valcar Bowman, PhD, REM, CE, Feb. '01, p. 36.

Taking the Higher Road (Evaluating your facility's environmental conditions objectively and with integrity starts with a principled plan of action) By Anthony J. Sadar, CCM, March '01, p. 81.

ISO 14000 Compliance Benefits (EMSs contribute to quantifiable advantages, cost savings), By Jennifer L. Kraus, MPH, June '01, p. 46.


Seeking a Solid Landing (Rethinking current landfill regulation by evaluating alternative disposal methods), By Clifford P. Case, JD, and Peter Anderson, March '01, p. 58.

Legal Issues

A Bright Idea (Patent protection for innovative environmental compliance methods, systems and software), By Scott F. Wendorf, Esq., Oct. '01, p. 34.

Forensics and Environmental Protection (A guide for professionals participating in environmental litigation), By Patrick J. Sullivan, Phd, and Franklin J. Agardy, PhD, Nov. '01, p. 48.

Odor Abatement

Good Odor Control Makes Good Neighbors (Odor control is becoming a big issue), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, May '01, p. 6.


PCB Gone (New technology cuts costs and provides utilities with an effective solution for polychlorinated biphenyls removal), By Hal Alper and Phil D'Angelo, Jan. '01, p. 39.

Repainting the PCB Picture (Another perspective on the controversy surrounding the environmental impact of PCBs in paint), By Robert G. Kaley, II, PhD, April '01, p. 58.


Environmental Politics and Strategy (Understanding Washington politics is a key element of developing a strategic plan), By Richard MacLean, June '01, p. 60.

The Unkindest Cuts of All (President Bush appears ready to perform a radical environectomy on the federal budget for Fiscal Year 2002), By Angela Neville, July '01, p. 6.


Winning the Race Against Time (Bioremediation can provide a timely remedy for construction and renovation projects), By Jo Davison, Katy Makeig and Kurt Suomela, Jan. '01, p. 46.

In Situ - 2001 and Beyond (Deployment of innovative groundwater remediation technologies), By Scott D. Warner, CHG, CEG, Jan. '01, p. 26.

Avoiding Hazard Zones (Know the rules, do your homework and enlist support in cleaning up toxic sites), By Randall Erickson, JD, March '01, p. 70.

Overcoming MTBE Myths (Conventional remediation technologies are proving surprisingly successful in tackling this stubborn contaminant), By Robert Cataldo, PG, LSP, and Ellen Moyer, PhD, PE, May '01, p. 24.

Reducing Remediation Red Tape ("Pay for performance" pays off for consulting firms handling MTBE cleanups of soil and groundwater), By Les Pennington, PE, May '01, p. 28.

Sinking Costs (A new vertical aquifer profiling (VAP) technology, used for remediation, helps to reduce expenses), By Joseph W. Berlin, PE, and Joseph J. Mark, CPG, RG, Sept. '01, p. 42.

Principles Matter (A new consensus approach to environmental restoration of federal facilities is improving the efficiency of these cleanups), By David Hoel, Nick Delaplane and Craig Cheney, Nov. '01, p. 37.

Stormwater Management

Keeping Your Head Above Water (A guide for evaluating the performance claims of available stormwater treatment systems), By Vaikko P. Allen and Kevin J. McKee, PE, Nov. '01, p. 25.

Sustainable Development

What's the Winning Strategy? (The competitive game plan for sustainable development), By Richard MacLean, Jan. '01, p. 55.

A Ripe Idea (Integrating environmental quality into design, development and manufacturing), By Lisa Rademakers, March '01, p. 34.

Pollution Prevention Pedagogy (EPA's Office of International Activities updates its training courses), By Lisa Rademakers, March '01, p. 36.

Sustainable Development (Walking the sustainable development talk to achieve business value), By Richard MacLean, Sept. '01, p. 48.

Wastewater Treatment

Whipped Into Shape (High-energy mixing bring efficiency to chemical dispersion), By Jose A. Diaz, Feb. '01, p. 21.

Basics of Wastewater Disinfection (A selection guide to the use of common disinfection technologies), By Berald F. Connell, ChE, Feb. '01, p. 26.

Protection from Organic Fouling (An ultra-low pressure drop oleophilic filter can solve problems with prefiltration of organics in crossflow membrane systems used in water treatment), By Kirk Abbott and Hal Alper, June '01, p. 34.

Water Reuse (Water recycling is proving an economical and safe way to meet our growing water needs), By Paul Hersch, July '01, p. 29.

Picking Their Membranes -- Part I (Water providers are increasingly selecting versatile and cost-effective membrane technology for water treatment), By Paul Hersch, Sept. '01, p. 33.

Grinders and Comminutors: An Evolving Technology (This technology, used for reducing the size of wastewater solids, is rapidly improving in efficiency and durability), By William Galanty, Oct. '01, p. 12.

Come Together (Polymeric surfactant technology bridges the gap between oil water separator capability and regulatory compliance), By Hal Alper, Oct. '01, p. 24.

Making Water Work Harder (Membrane technology is transforming wastewater into a reusable resource), By Tom Wingfield, PE, and Jim Schaefer, PE, Nov. '01, p. 30.

Biosolids: A New Road to Successful Recycling (A wastewater residuals land application program benefits highways and waterways), By Brian Frewerd, Dec. '01, p. 17.

Water Quality

Changing Currents (The new millennium brings continuing modifications in the nation's water quality program), By Donald Gayla, PE, Mark Gerath and David Urban, PE, Jan. '01, p. 33.

A TMDL Primer (A guide to understanding total maximum daily loads required under state water quality standards), By Matthew D. Garamone, JD, CHMM, March '01, p. 43.

The Pipeline (Bringing you news about water quality issues), By Angela Garcia Nelson, March '01, p. 50.

The Water Infrastructure Challenge (Federal funding of water infrastructure programs has fallen jeopardizing our water and wastewater treatment quality), By Ken Kirk, Oct. '01, p. 21.

The New TMDL Rule: The Maximum Load of Controversy (The new TMDL rule has created surprising alliances opposing it), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, Oct. '01, p. 6.

Thirsty World (Solving the global water crisis will require the cooperation of many nations and many areas of professional expertise), By Paul Simon, Nov. '01, p. 12.


Win, Lose or Draw (U. S. Supreme Court strikes down "Migratory Bird Rule" related to wetlands), By Louis A. Naugle, JD, April '01, p. 36.

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