1999 Editorial Index

Air pollution control and monitoring
On the back burner (air emissions limits for medical waste incinerators), by Teri Ellis, Jan. 99, p. 28.
The sky's the limit (air emissions trading), by Monica A. Harvey, Feb. 99, p. 23.
Reining in fugitive dust (controlling anthropogenic fugitive dust), by Richard A. Sullivan, PE, March 99, p. 36.
Trends for portable emission analyzers, by Craig McKim, REA, May 99, p. 28.
Spreading in new directions (air dispersion modeling), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, June 99, p. 6.
Dispersion models: Toolbox basics, by Robert Bradley, June 99, p. 21.
Beat the heat (estimating plume temperature), by David McCready, PhD, PE, June 99, p. 22.
The PM-2.5 challenge (EPA pushes for more precise samplers), by Wes Davis, June 99, p. 35.
Boosting CEMS performance, by Tom Baldwin, Oct. 99, p. 55.

Analytical instrumentation
Measuring up to higher standards (sampling in the field), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Feb. 99, p. 6.
Taking the lab out in the field (portable analytical information), by Charles Sadowski, Feb. 99, p. 16.

Brownfield revitalization, by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, Feb. 99, p. 37.
Turn assessments into assets, by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, March 99, p. 58.
Teaming up for success (lowering the overall rate of interest to pay for cleanup), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, April 99, p. 33.
Foundations support revitalization (using foundations to support financing), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, May 99, p. 19.
Dredging up profits for brownfield revitalization (using dredged materials in remediation), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, June 99, p. 56.
Basis for reuse (depreciation can help finance remediation), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, July 99, p. 49.
Avoiding a civil action (using insurance policies for brownfield funding) by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, Aug. 99, p. 45.
HUD grants new life to brownfields (HUD grants and loans) by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, Sept. 99, p. 55.

Chemical testing
A hormonal whodunit (chemical screening for endocrine disrupters), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, May 99, p. 6.

Clean Air Act compliance
Payback time for CEMS (using CEMS to protect against frivolous lawsuits), by Jeffrey C. Smith, JD, March 99, p. 60.
Countdown to the RMP deadline (preparing to meet Risk Management Program compliance), by Richard Gustafson, April 99, p. 14.
Testing: How much is enough, by Gregory G. Bond, PhD, MPH, May 99, p. 14.
AQY2K (air quality compliance in the year 2000), by Joseph Curreri, July 99, p. 30.
The MACT trap (avoiding early compliance deadlines), by Joseph Curreri, Aug. 99, p. 29.
Community-right-to-know: Public access or excess? by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Sept. 99, p. 6.
Living with your Title V permit, (your burden of proof in Clean Air Act compliance) by Scott Evans and Michael Cybulski, Sept. 99, p. 24.
EPA's turbulent ride (federal court rulings on air quality standards), by Robert P. Newman, PE, DEE, Nov. 99, p. 22.
Staying alert (EPA's reinterpretation of new source review rules), by David B. Weinbert, JD, and Richard E. Ayres, JD, Dec. 99, p. 46.

Computer software
The digital tidal wave (IT2 and supercomputers), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, April 99, p. 6.
Managing environmental data, by Peter Feng and Mike Easley, April 99, p. 19.
1999 Software Guide, April 99, p. 24
Seeing the big picture (using software to analyze environmental data), by Peter Pace, Sept. 99, p. 46.

Compliance and enforcement issues
EPA's new shotgun approach (preparing for multimedia inspections), by Paul S. Farber, PE, DEE and E. Lynn Grayson, JD, Jan. 99, p. 22.
Chez EPA's new menu (new compliance regulations), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, March 99, p. 8.
The calculus of compliance (minimizing fine exposure), by Gerald Nehman, PhD, and Jeffrey Baliban, CPA, March 99, p. 46.
EPA's new sector approach: Tailored to fit (permitting and enforcement regulations), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Nov. 99, p. 6.

1999 Consultants Guide, Nov. 99, p. 50.

Cost control
Putting the pieces together (using the systems engineering approach for savings), by Nicholas P. Trentacoste, PhD, and Richard Cronce, PhD, Jan. 99, p. 40.

Drinking water issues
A balancing act (new drinking water rules), by Stephen H. King, PE, and Alton Hethcoat, PE, Aug. 99, p. 39.

Emergency response
The rescuers (emergency response program planning), by Magdy Akladios, CSP, Sept. 99, p. 14.

Employment issues
A slow shift (women in environmental professions), by Ingrid Truemper, Jan. 99, p. 46.
Alive and kicking (outlook for the environmental profession), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Aug. 99, p. 6.
1999 Salary Survey, by Ingrid Truemper, Aug. 99, p. 14.

Environmental legislation
Easy riders (changes in legislation), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Jan. 99, p. 6.

Environmental management systems
Management systems mergers (combining environmental and quality management systems), by Diana Baldi, April 99, p. 34.

Environmental site assessments
A Phase I ESA primer, by Rhonda E. McBride, April 99, p. 30.

Environmental training
Environmental technology 101 (video series review), by Monica A. Harvey, May 99, p. 36.

Facilities of the Year
Striking a balance (Facilities of the Year), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Nov. 99, p. 14.

General business
Stacking the deck in your favor (executives forecast environmental business trends), by Kristie L. Guillotte, Jan. 99, p. 16.
1999 Buyer's Guide, March 99, p. 93.
How do the top environmental service companies stack up? by Steve Maxwell, Aug. 99, p. 25.
Measure benefits; not costs (optimizing your service's value), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, Oct. 99, p. 43.
The hunger for consolidation European buyouts of U.S. environmental companies), by Steve Maxwell, Dec. 99, p. 22.

Hazardous materials management
Navigating the UXO minefield (cleaning up unexploded ordnance), by John C. McIlroth, PE, Jan. 99, p. 20.
Adding fuel to the fire (the controversial practice of burning waste fuel at a cement plant), by Kristie L. Guillotte, March 99, p. 18.
Waste not, want not (using industrial ecology to turn waste to profit), by Kevin E. Milliman, PE, and Henry C. Luyten, PE, May 99, p. 32.
Salted away (disposing of radioactive waste in salt mines), by Ralph C. Jensen, Sept. 99, p. 40.
Waste exports and imports (international framework for liability in transboundary waste shipping and disposal), by Kenneth M. Kastner, Esq., Dec. 99, p. 34.

Indoor air quality
EPA's focus on IAQ (ambient air pollutants in indoor air), by George W. Siple, QEP, Dec. 99, p. 28.

A better safety net for those walking the real estate tightrope (environmental liability products), by Douglas Elenowitz, June 99, p. 32.
Tranforming premiums into profits (cost cap insurance), by Randy Airst, JD, LLM, and Susan Stann, JD, Nov. 99, p. 47.

Clearing up the confusion (understanding reporting limits), by Taryn G. Scholz, and Dr. Donald A. Flory, May 99, p. 37.

The flexible approach (combining several technologies to close a landfill), by Robert E. Ash IV, PE, June 99, p. 38.

Legal issues
The takings debate (landowners rights vs. the needs of endangered species), by Matthew Brown and Richard L. Stroup, PhD, June 99, p. 59.

Litigation and dispute resolution issues
Environmental forensics (using science to resolve adversarial situations), by James H. Clarke, PhD, Ann N. Clarke, PhD, and James S. Smith, PhD, Sept. 99, p. 49.

Nonhazardous waste management
Your input requested (draft guide addressing industrial nonhazardous wastes), by Paul Cassidy, Oct. 99, p. 50.

Odor abatement
New choices for vapor-phase odor control, by Gayle P. Van Durme, PE, June 99, p. 65.
Putting the lid on odors and VOCs (basin covers) by William H. Bray III, REM, CEA, July 99, p. 27.

Pollution control pioneers of the 20th century
Dirty tricks and clean air (profile of Richard Nixon's environmental contributions), by Monica A. Harvey, March 99, p. 14.
Converting the masses (profile of invention of catalytic converter), by Monica A. Harvey, June 99, p. 16.
Germ warfare (profile of Richard Raymond and bioremediation), by Monica A. Harvey, Oct. 99, p. 16.
Profiles in imagination (salute to pollution control pioneers), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Dec. 99, p. 6.
Analyze this (profiles of Joseph John (J.J). Thomson and A.J. Dempster), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Dec. 99, p. 14.
Shattering the silence (profile of Rachel Carson), by Ingrid Truemper, Dec. 99, p. 18.
Head of the class (profile of W. Wesley Eckenfelder), by Monica A. Harvey, Dec. 99, p. 20.

Pollution prevention
Watching your waste (Coca-Cola's pollution prevention strategies), by Ben R. Jordan, Feb. 99, p. 30.
Projecting P2 costs, by Gerald Nehman, PhD, and Jeffrey Baliban, CPA, May 99, p. 42.
P2Rx (regional pollution prevention resource centers), by Jim DiPeso, Sept. 99, p. 56.
P2 problemsolvers (3M's pollution prevention program), by Frank Pfeifer, Oct. 99, p. 77.

Remediation of soil and groundwater
The new age of reason, part two (risk-based regulatory approach), by Larry Brannaka, PhD, PE, Tony Giunta, and James Hewitt, PE, Jan. 99, p. 36.
Remediation and treatment of MTBE, by Andrew Stocking, Stephen Koenigsberg, PhD, and Michael Kavanaugh, PhD, PE, DEE, April 99, p. 36.
From rockets to remediation: The perchlorate problem, by Paul Damian, PhD, MPH, DABT, and Frederick W. Pontius, PE, June 99, p. 24.
Uncle Sam wants you (military base cleanups), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, July 99, p. 6.
Remediating DNAPLs, by Bretton E. Trowbridge, PE, Gregory Beyke, PE, William O. Heath and Esteban Garcia, July 99, p. 14.
Cleaning up chlorinated hydrocarbons, by Shruti Gohil and Stephen Koenigsberg, PhD, Sept. 99, p. 34.
Bioaugmentation: Sending in the special troops, by Carl H. Oppenheimer, PhD, Nov. 99, p. 34.
Standardizing the standards (uniform standards for RCRA and CERCLA sites), by Geoffrey A. Glanders, PG, CHMM, Dec. 99, p. 38
A new multipurpose remediation media (adsorbent/ion exchange polymer), by H.G. Sanjay, Daman Walia, PhD, and Amjad Fataftah, PhD, Dec. 99, p. 42

Spill management
The sheen rule (oil spill reporting guidelines), by Matthew D. Garamone, CHMM, March 99, p. 25.
Stopping oil spills (EPA's oil pollution prevention program), by Matthew D. Garamone, CHMM, June 99, p. 45.
Spill spoilers (oil/water separators), by Naji Nassif, PhD, Oct. 99, p. 63.

Stormwater management
Pumps unplugged (automatic pressure control systems alleviate plugging), by Daniel O'Connor and C.D. Cook, Feb. 99, p. 27.
Total maximum daily loads, by Mark D. Curran, Nov. 99, p. 28.

Sustainable development
Beyond survival (sustainable development initiatives), by Ray H. Ankers, March 99, p. 31.

Tanks and drums
A hands-off approach (new drum-handling technique), by George S. Gamble, PE, March 99, p. 42.
Double-strength protection (polyethylene tanks store hazardous chemicals), by Michael Spurrier, July 99, p. 38.

Underground storage tanks
The next big headache for UST owners: Y2K, by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Oct. 99, p. 45.

Wastewater management
When less is more (polymer feed systems in wastewater treatment), by Thomas W. Morgan and Tony Ramsey, Jan. 99, p. 26.
The second shift (water reclamation), by Steve Huth, PE, July 99, p. 33.
The RCRA mixed-sewage exclusion, by Joseph F. Madonia, JD, and E. Lynn Grayson, JD, July 99, p. 44.
An ounce of prevention (on-board filters prevent bilgewater discharge), by Hal Alper, Aug. 99, p. 34.
The new wave in wastewater treatment (advanced bioreactor systems), by Michael P. Pitre, PE, David N. Enegess, PE, and Ronald Unterman, PhD, Sept. 99, p. 30.
A growing understanding (biosolids recycling), by Robert G. OÕDette, PE, DEE, Oct. 99, p. 24.
An enlightened solution (ultraviolet irradiation of wastewater), by Douglas Reed, Oct. 99, p. 32.
Monitoring nutrient levels (in-situ online monitoring), by David LeBlanc, Nov. 99, p. 40.

Water quality issues
Harnessing markets to improve water quality (using a free-market approach to reduce pollution), by Bruce Yandle, PhD, March 99, p. 54.
Getting beyond the bull (National Unified Animal Feeding Operations Strategy), by Angela Neville, JD, REM, Oct. 99, p. 8.
A new generation (Clean Water Act program changes), by Mark Gerath and Donald Galya, PE, Oct. 99, p. 71.

Banking on success (using mitigation banking to restore wetlands), by Robert N. Kessler, April 99, p. 20.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2000 issue of Environmental Protection.

About the Author

Mel Zimmerman, PhD, is chair of the Biology Department at Lycoming College Williamsport, Penn., as well as the director of the Clean Water Institute (www.lycoming.edu/biology/cwi/index.htm). His research and publications deal with wastewater parasites and wetlands and stream restoration.