Environmental Protection


Great Kanawha River Cleanup 2011

More than 100 volunteers removed 3.5 tons of litter, debris and old tires from the shorelines of West Virginia's Kanawha River on Sept. 10, 2011.

The Slurps Mega Rainbow

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California shows how disposing of household hazards can lead to big time disasters.

CBS Adopts Elephant Door Sensors Keeping AC Off the Streets

CBS Television's eco-friendly efforts are effectively promoting sustainability.

Golf Sustainability Video Snapshot

Golf Course Managers Bring Sustainability to the Putting Green

BNET.com spotlights how San Francisco golf managers are taking a sustainable approach to putting greens.

Ice Art

Environmental Art Exhibition

A Brazilian artist sculpted one thousand miniature ice men and placed them in Berlin, Germany, signifying the importance of global warming.

Samsung Replenish

Samsung Replenish Review Smartphone

If you’re concerned with your environmental footprint and like the idea of going easy on the Earth with your phone purchase, the Replenish is a good option for a basic smartphone.

Orange for Glastonbury

Orange Sound Charge T-Shirt for Glastonbury 2011

Check out a revolutionary way to charge your cell phone...the Orange Sound Charge takes energy from sound and converts it to your mobile phone.

Smog Eating Roof

Smog has a new enemy...roofing tiles. Boral Roofing recently presented their new Boral Pure Tiles at the 2011 PCBC in San Francisco. Boral Pure can help reduce smog thanks to the photocatalyst in the surface of the tile that oxidizes nitrogen oxides in smog.

EP Video South Africa Fracking

South Africa Faces Environmental Concerns Over Fracking

Al Jazeera English reports on the threat hyraulic fracturing may have on South Africa's farming economy.


Energy from Sugar Cane

Sugar cane, which stores energy in sucrose and cellulose, could be a viable source of energy as a biofuel.

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