Remote-controlled Helicopters, Vehicles Helping at Fukushima Daiichi

Tokyo Electric Power is putting remote controlled machinery to use at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. This video, released Monday, was shot by a remote-controlled helicopter a day earlier and shows the plants number four reactor building.

Japanese power plant video

Inside a Japanese Nuclear Power Station

In August 2007, IDG News Service was invited to the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power station. This video provides an inside glimpse of the world's largest nuclear power plant.

The Green Grease Project at MIT

Students from MIT's Biodiesel team traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, last summer to begin Project Green Grease. The team converted two large trucks to run directly on filtered vegetable oil, rather than converting the oil itself into biodiesel fuel.

Portable Solar Panel

Portable Solar Panels

A personal solar panel the size of a paperback could make electricity more accessible in the developing world. The device was developed by June Energy, a start-up run by three young entrepreneurs including a University of Michigan engineering student.

Biogas Digester Provides Cooking Fuel to Kenyan Village

Justin J. Henriques, a systems engineering graduate student at University of Virginia, explains how he and his colleague William G. Schnorr designed and created a sustainable biogas digester to be used for cooking in the Kenyan village of Namawanga. The presentation, "Sustainability Assessment and Implementation of a Biogas Digester System in Western Kenya" was given at the IEEE Green Technology Conference in Grapevine, Texas, on April 15, 2010.

Eric Bowen

California and NOx-neutral Biodiesel

Eric M. Bowen, chair of the California Biodiesel Alliance, explained that the California Air Resources Board expects to have biodiesel specifications by year's end. A founder of Tellurian Biodiesel, Bowen spoke at the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference recently. For additional information on the specifications, click here.

Eric Bowen

The MTBE Legacy for Biodiesel Storage

California's stringent underground storage tank system regulations, which were created to prevent groundwater contamination, caused a major disruption for the young biodiesel industry. Eric M. Bowen, chair of the California Biodiesel Alliance and found of Tellurian Biodiesel, provided background to attendees at the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference held in Texas recently.

Eric Bowen

Making Biodiesel Storage Legal in California

Because underground storage tanks containing biodiesel in California have no third-party verification of compatibility, the National Biodiesel Board is working with Underwriter's Laboratories to develop testing protocols. Eric M. Bowen, chair of the California Biodiesel Alliance, shared the details at the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference in February.

Chevrolet Silverado B20

General Motors Adds Biodiesel Capability

Joe Jobe, chief executive officer of the National Biodiesel Board, introduced Coleman Jones, biofuels implementation manager for General Motors, to industry stakeholders attending the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Grapevine, Texas.

Pat Stevens at WEFTEC's Scatter Graph

ADS Environmental Services' Pat Stevens explains the Scatter Graph, a special feature of the WEFTEC.09 award-winning, a software program that makes infiltration and inflow calculations in minutes.

Hal Kimbrough demonstrates pump

Three Sensors in One

Hal Kimbrough of ADS Environmental Services shows the evolution of flow sensor technologies in the company's FlowShark line.

James A. Hanlon

Contracts, Anyone?

James A. Hanlon, director of EPA's Wastewater Management Office, told a WEFTEC.09 audience that a substantial number of ARRA water projects have not met the "under contract" for construction test for keeping stimulus funding.

DFW Ground-level Ozone

Howard Gilberg, a board member of the North Texas Clean Air Coalition and an environmental attorney with Guida, Slavich & Flores PC, outlined the nonattainment issues facing the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. He encouraged more than 100 business representatives "to drill into the minds of employees and their employers that we need to do something about air quality."


In this video, Deborah F. Dietrich, CIH, vice president of sales and marketing and corporate industrial hygienist for SKC Inc. of Eighty Four, Pa., discusses the features of the new Hygenall(TM) Industrial Skin Decontamination Towels, which remove lead particles from the skin and can be safely disposed in an ecologically friendly manner.