JWC Environmental

Grinder-Screening System

The latest version of JWC Environmental's Channel Monster XD 3.0 has advanced into an ideal grinder and screening system for wastewater pump stations. The XD 3.0 is 13-feet tall, weighs 9,300 pounds, and produces 7 tons of cutting force at peak loads. The device combines rotating screening drums and a Muffin Monster® grinder to shred solids while processing up to 59 million gallons per day. This combination is ideal for pump stations since the grinder shreds rags, plastics, wood, and trash so particles flow easily through pumps and pipelines. The unit has multiple motors -- a 15 hp for the grinder and 1 hp for the drums. The grinder has larger 3-inch hex drive shafts and stainless steel coil drums with ½-inch diameter rod. This new design features larger cutters, shafts and housings so the grinder can process heavy debris and first flush storm loading.

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