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Andax Industries

Spill Preparedness Control Center (SPCC)

Spill Preparedness Control Center

Spill Preparedness Control Center

Andax Industries LLC has a new patent on its color-coded Spill Preparedness Control Center (SPCC). The color-coded labeling system of the SPCC ensures the correct Spill Pac will be used every time. This system consists of four Spill Pacs with unique color-coded labeling with matching color-coded equipment labels. Potential leak sources can be identified by placing color-coded labels on equipment before a spill or leak occurs. In the event of a spill, just grab the matching color-coded Pac for the equipment label to have the exact sorbents and pads needed to contain and clean up the spill or leak. The SPCC System includes four vacuum-packed Spill Pacs: The orange Combo Pac, yellow Chemical & Hazmat Pac, blue Oil & Oil-Based Pac and the pink Battery Pac. Each Pac will contain or clean up to a 10 gallon spill.

    New Pig Corp.

    Well Pad Liner

    Designed to cover drill sites and help protect workers and the environment, the PIG Well Pad Liner’s high-traction surface minimizes slip-and-fall-injuries and absorbs nuisance leaks, drips and spills on contact.  A strong, single-layer liner, 4X stronger and 2X more puncture-resistant than standard HDPE liners, plus an embedded barrier film within the liner, helps prevent major spills from reaching the ground.  UV resistant, its 100 percent polypropylene, single-layer construction, heat-fused and needle-punched, will not pull apart when walked on or driven over.  Weldable and sealable for easy installation, and incinerable to reduce waste.

      Kimberly-Clark Professional

      Kimberly Clark Professional Wypall

      Absorbent Cloth

      Kimberly-Clark Professional’s WypAll X90 cloths provide 75 percent more oil absorption and 35 percent more water absorption than WypAll X80 wipers. The product is ideal for heavy wiping, prepping surfaces with solvents, and cleaning metal shavings and rough surfaces. The cloths are manufactured with hydro-entangling polyester fiber for softness and oil absorbency, and wood fiber for water absorbency.

        Excal Visual LLP

        Hazmat Spill Training

        Excal Visual LLP's Spills & Skills: Non-Emergency HazMat Spill Response training video package is designed to show personnel the correct response and cleanup procedures for non-emergency (non-HAZWOPER) releases of hazardous materials and wastes. The package includes a CD and an 18.5 minute DVD, a trainer's guide, and employee quiz, SiteCast™, a PowerPoint template for site-specific training, and a Spill Locker Poster that summarizes procedures and contains a spill locker inventory list.

          New Pig Corp.


          Absorbent Mat

          New Pig’s RHINO Absorbent Mat stands up to heavy foot traffic while soaking up liquid and minimizing slips. The mat features a thermally bonded, spunbond polypropylene top layer with zig-zag stitching to enhance strength and resist wear and tear. Eight layers of highly absorbent fine-fiber polypropylene form the mat’s base. The dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquids. The mat is available with or without poly backing to prevent absorbed liquids from reaching floors.

            InterOcean Systems Inc.


            Oil Spill & Leak Detection Systems

            Slick Sleuth Oil Spill Detection & Alarm Systems are used for immediate detection, early warning alert, containment and prevention of accidental spills. The optical sensor detects small amounts of oil and can be configured to automatically shut off pumps or valves, activate alarms and provide remote alert notification. The non-contact design is ideal for remote deployment in rugged settings such as coastal areas, harbors, inland waterways, industrial spillways, boiler and engine-generator rooms, sumps and separators.


              Drum Skimmer

              Elastec drum skimmers are designed to handle multiple types of petroleum spills, from jet fuel to crude oil. The skimmers recover oil by rotating a drum through the oil-water interface. Oil sticks to the drum surface and is recovered inside the floating head. The drum skimmers respond to vegetable oil and bio-fuel spills as well, and are effective in recovering pollutants in marine environments and industrial pits.

                Westcott Distribution

                Dispensing Pumps

                The GoatThroatTM Pump series are suited for use with 275-gallon totes, providing a safe way to dispense liquids without raising the tote for gravity feed. The new system features a standpipe that attaches to the existing fitting on the tote. Small amounts of pressure (4 psi) are added to the standpipe rather than the whole container. These pumps deliver liquids with no spills or leaks. Made in the United States, the pumps meet RoHS and US FDA food safe requirements.

                  Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products

                  Spill Cleanup

                  SPILL-X-A chemical spill products adsorbs and treats acid spills, transforming the liquid chemicals into a neutral solid state. There are four different SPILL-X agents capable of handling a variety of spills including organic and inorganic acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and phosphoric, as well as caustics, solvents formaldehyde. The quick-action and ease-of-use make it an ideal solution for hazmat facilities, chemical labs, school labs, and healthcare labs.


                    Mercury Spill Kit

                    OMNI/ajax's Mercury Magnet™ mercury spill kit is tailored to healthcare, safety, maintenance and janitorial, and the natural gas/ electric utility industries. This unique magnetic amalgamation powder reduces the risk of mercury exposure by forming a non-vaporizing solid and is easily picked up with a magnetic hand tool. Each kit contains a bottle of Mercury Magnet™ amalgamation powder, gloves, goggles, disposal bags, magnetic tool, and emergency response spill control directions. MSDS, and mail-back disposal bucket. The kit is a necessary tool for first responders. The company has partnered with several mercury recyclers to provide solutions to its customer’s mercury waste problems. Kits are available in 350-gram and 700-gram sizes, which can handle the corresponding amount of waste material.

                      Immediate Response Spill Technologies

                      Polymer Blend Solidifier

                      CI Agent from Immediate Response Spill Technologies is a nontoxic, noncorrosive, noncarcinogenic, and environmentally friendly blend of several cross-linking polymers. A dry granular powder, the product encapsulates spills by transforming liquid into a cohesive rubber-like mass that floats. This solidifier retains liquid and eliminates dripping. Able to handle gasoline, diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, bunker C fuel, solvents, and synthetics on both water and land, it has a high solidification capacity.

                        Complete Environmental Products

                        Sorbent Booms

                        CEP's line of oil-only, polypropylene/cellulose-blended sorbent booms are non-toxic and biodegradable. The product absorbs more petroleum-based liquids than pure poly booms. The non-shedding product is equipped with a durable sock and netting and comes with a rope and snap clips for easy deployment and retrieval. The oil-only polypropylene/cellulose blended sorbent booms are available in both 5 and 8 inch diameters.

                          Trans Environmental Systems Inc.

                          Containment Pouch

                          The Haz-Hammock from Trans Environmental Systems is an emergency response containment pouch designed to attach to a leaking tanker truck of tanker. The 50-gallon polypropylene pouch can contain acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The device features a poly drain valve, hose connection, and poly belts or ropes. The resusable pouch allows the leaking vessel to be relocated to minimize traffic or social disruption.

                            Trans Environmental Systems Inc.

                            Track Pans

                            Trans Environmental Systems offers open-track pans with slide-out panels designed for spill containment during loading and unloading of railroad cars. These track pans lagbolt down to existing track ties and retain about 200 gallons of liquid. The design offers an alternative to the rolling lid design. The model CPO fits between the rails and can be complimented by two model SPOs that can be set outboard of the rails to provide a protected area over 12 feet across.

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