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Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc.

SFT-10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump

SFT-10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump

SFT-10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump

Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. introduces the completely self-contained SFT-10 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump, and advanced Peltier (thermoelectric) technology that can achieve high pressure without the need for an external cooling bath.

The pump can deliver carbon dioxide at pressures up to 10,000 psi (69 MPa) at flow rates from 0.01 to 24.0 ml/min.  These characteristics make the SFT-10 an ideal pump for use in supercritical fluid extraction, and a variety of other high pressure applications, including supercritical fluid reaction chemistry and chromatography.

The SFT-10 utilizes reliable, dual sapphire syringe pump technology to achieve high pressures rapidly. The Peltier chiller has superior cooling capability.  It maintains the temperature at the pump heads low enough to ensure the carbon dioxide remains liquid.

The standard operating mode is “constant pressure” where the pump will maintain a pressure set point.  An optional constant flow mode, from 0.01 to 24.0 ml/min., is available. 

The SFT-10 may be acquired as a stand alone CO2 pump or used as part of Supercritical Fluid Technologies’ SFT-110 / SFT-110XW Supercritical Fluid Extractors.

    Aalborg Instruments

    TPU Pump Heads

    TPU Pump Heads

    TPU Pump Heads

    The TPU Pumps Heads by Aalborg Instruments are mounted on a front panel with an adjustable occlusion wall and safety cover. Installation is quick and easy by simply attaching the pump head to the motor using the existing mounting holes. The heads are designed for low to high viscosities and fluids never touch the pump head.

    Features for the pump heads include 4 rollers (TPU 1) or 10 rollers (TPU 2) to minimize pulsing, stainless steel rollers and shafts, mountable in any directions, and long tubing life. The maximum lift is 340 in. H2O (12.3 psig) and maximum suction is 350 in. H2O (12.6 psig). The pump head, the tubing’s inside diameter, and the motor’s RPM affect the flow rate.

      Fluid Components International

      FlexSwitch FLT93 Pump Protection Flow Switch

      The FlexSwitch FLT93 Pump Protection Flow Switch reduces pump repair and extends pumplife by detecting dry running conditions caused by irregular liquid flows or slurries. It monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants, coolants and more.  It is ideal for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flow rates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions that can result in bearing or seal damage that require major repairs or shorten their useful life. It also offers a highly robust scheme for pump protection with its dual alarm capability and  features a wide set-point range, which varies according to service media (liquid, gas or foam), beginning from 0.01 to 3 SFPS (0.003 to 0.9 SMPS) in water-based liquids. 

        Casella USA

        TUFF Air Sampling Pumps

        Casella CEL offers its TUFF line of personal air sampling pumps that feature a sealed case with over-molding that protects it from damaging moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact. Pumps possess a flow range from 5 ml/min to 4.5 l/min, and incorporate a double-acting diaphragm mechanism with digital control. Pump operation is guided by an intuitive user interface displaying real-time flow, sampled volume with run duration, a simple battery "fuel gauge" and alarm for flow or battery fault conditions. Typical run times of more than 30 hours (depending on media and flow rate) and meet applicable NIOSH and EN requirements.

          EXAIR Co.

          EXAIR Chip Trapper

          Liquids Cleaner

          EXAIR’s Chip Trapper cleans solids, including chips, swarf and shavings, out of used coolants and other liquids. The unit vacuums the coolant or liquid that is filled with debris into a 55 gallon drum and traps solids in a reusable filter bag. The device is powered by compressed air and features a built-in pressure/vacuum relief, a stainless steel two-way pump assembly, a directional flow valve, a 10 foot vacuum hose and a 20 foot compressed air hose.

            Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc.

            SFT 10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump

            The SFT-10 pump can pressurize carbon dioxide up to 10,000 psi (69 MPa) at flow rates from 0.01 to 24.0 ml/min.  The characterisitics make the pump useful in high pressure applications, including supercritical fluid extraction, supercritical fluid reaction chemistry and chromatography. It utilizes reliable, dual sapphire syringe pump technology to achieve high pressures rapidly. The Peltier chiller has cooling capabilities that maintain the temperature at the pump heads low enough to ensure the carbon dioxide remains liquid. 


              Metering Pump

              Metering Pump

              Moyno Inc.’s metering pump has enhanced pumping elements and VFD/motor controls that expand the scope of application and optimize economical and efficient performance, particularly when dosing, sampling, and metering low-flow liquids. The VFD/motor controls improve metering accuracy and repeatability. The pump’s progressing cavity design results in a flow free from pulsation and variation in velocity and volume, which prevents waste and mixture imbalance.

                Bell & Gossett

                Wastewater Pump

                Wastewater Pump

                Bell & Gossett’s Impact™ series of high-efficiency submersible wastewater pumps has a self-cleaning impeller and casing. The pumps are configured to process solids more easily and to reduce clogging while improving hydraulic efficiency. The air-filled motor, dual mechanical seal, and seal chamber work to enhance overall pump efficiency and durability. Less wear of pump components over longer periods of time reduces both maintenance and energy costs. The pump’s seals feature better leak detection and are designed with hard faces that endure abrasive conditions in wastewater applications.

                  Wilden Pump and Engineering Co.

                  Wilden double-diaphragm pump

                  Double-diaphragm Pump

                  Wilden’s Advanced metal series T1510 air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, known as the Brahma, are designed for harsh solid-handling applications. This completely submersible product is a 76mm (3 inch) flap-valve pump with bolted construction. The pump’s large internal clearances and top-suction/bottom-discharge operation eliminate clogging, which allows for flow rates up to 977 lpm (258 gpm) and maximum pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psig) with a maximum dry-suction lift capability of up to 7.4m (24.4 feet).

                    Allegro Industries


                    Particulate Sampling Pumps

                    Allegro Industries offers a complete line of Sampling Pumps that meet OSHA and AHERA standards and delivers dependable area monitoring of mold, lead, asbestos and other dangerous particulates. The new Diaphragm Sampling Pump is cost-effective, maintenance-free and will operate with mold, PCM and TEM cassettes. The T100 Rotary Vane and the A100 Rotary Vane offer a sampling range of 3-20 LPM. The D-2 Moldlite Sampler is a high efficiency-linear oscillating pump with a sampling range of 3-33 LPM.

                      Watson-Marlow Bredel


                      Chemical Injection Peristaltic Pump

                      Watson-Marlow Bredel’s rugged 520RE peristaltic pump is designed for chemical injection applications. The combination of the tube elements and pumphead design allows the unit to be used in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring. The pumps, with patented LoadSure elements, offer flows from 5 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi. They contain fluids within the tube at all times, never allowing the fluid to come into contact with the pump mechanism.



                        Sanitary Pumps

                        Moyno Sanitary Pumps are ideal for applications where bacteria and contamination must be avoided and/or frequent cleanup is required. The pumps include standard mechanical seals, and all 150 standard models meet 3A sanitary requirements with no modifications necessary. In addition, a combination close-coupled/open throat design is offered in a standard model. Features include quick disassembly for easy cleaning, no valves to clog or vapor lock, and the ability to handle thin liquids.

                          Gardner Denver Nash


                          Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

                          GD Nash’s 2BE4 series vacuum pumps and compressors are a redesign and upgrade to the 2BE3 series. New additions include optimized inlet and discharge porting for enhanced performance, cylindrical roller bearings (upgrade is possible in existing pumps and compressors), optional lobe purge piping and drop-in replacement for existing installations. Inlet bypass piping is not required in most installations, and the series is available in cast iron and stainless steel construction.

                            Watson-Marlow Pumps Group


                            Peristaltic Pump

                            Watson-Marlow’s 520 neat dye peristaltic pump for the pulp and paper industry has a combination of tube elements and a pumphead design that allows concentrated, neat dyes to be transferred directly to paper machines. The dye color can be changed by switching the tube element. The pumps feature patented LoadSure elements that offer easy maintenance and correct loading with no snaking, twisting or pinching. The 520 pump offers flow rates of 55 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi.

                              Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc.


                              Supercritcal Fluid Extraction

                              Supercritical Fluid Technologies’ SFT-100 supercritical fluid extraction is designed for research and process development. Process parameters developed in the laboratory are essential in the scale-up to pilot- or production-scale equipment. Precise control of temperature and pressure ensure reproducible extractions. The unit uses dual sapphire syringe pump technology and integrated pre-heaters to ensure tight control over these key parameters. Supercritical fluid extraction has become a popular alternative to traditional extraction using organic solvents.

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