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Monitoring Systems

MIDAC Corporation


Air Monitoring System

The MIDAC open path FTIR Air Monitoring System detects, identifies and measures a wide range of key contaminants simultaneously. Analysis is onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1,000 meters. Each system includes an interferometer equipped with a choice of beamsplitters and detectors. The analyzer is coupled to a control PC via standard ribbon cable or long-range fiber optic link. For extended sample paths, the system can be mounted to a rugged, 10-inch Newtonian telescope with tripod.

    ATEK Products


    Monitoring System

    The TankScan remote level-monitoring system from ATEK gathers tank-level data via micropower impulse radar (MIR), a low-power radar system utilizing very short electromagnetic pulses across a wide band of frequencies. Battery power ensures the measurement device is safe for use with petroleum products and chemicals, including combustible liquids. Mounted on top of above- or below-ground tanks, the product's sensors generate low-energy electromagnetic impulses that travel down a thin probe immersed in the fluid. The radar monitor can be used in tanks up to 40 feet high.

      Onset Computer Corp.


      Data Logger

      Onset’s HOBO Conductivity Logger is a high-accuracy, easy-to-maintain data logger that reduces the cost of measuring conductance and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources. The logger is designed with a non-contact sensor, provides open access to the sensor for easy cleaning and software-based drift compensation using calibration points from the start and end of each deployment. Onset’s HOBOware Pro software makes it easy to graph and analyze conductivity data. The logger offloads data to a PC via an optical USB interface.

        Pressure Systems Inc.



        Pressure Systems’ KPSI Model 501 SDI-12 (serial data interface at 1200 baud) transducer meets the requirements of the U.S. Geological Survey's Office of Surface Water accuracy specifications for stage monitoring. It offers +0.05 percent FS total error band and repeatability as well as measurement level accuracy of +0.01 ft H2O and on-board surge protection. The transducer’s small rugged package is comprised of welded 316 SS construction and a self-sealing cable system that protects the unit in the event of accidental cable cuts.

          Fluid Components International


          Flow/Level/Temperature Switch

          The FlexSwitch FLT93S Flow/Level/Temperature Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) performs monitoring, controlling and alarming of flow rates or levels of critical fluids. The switch is a dual-function, insertion-style instrument that offers either flow/temperature sensing or level/temperature sensing in a single device. The company says a single FLT measures and monitors flow or level and temperature simultaneously with excellent accuracy and reliability. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow, level or temperature.

            Electro-Chemical Devices


            Fluoride Monitoring System

            The Fluoride Monitoring System from Electro-Chemical Devices is designed with advanced System C22 Smart Controller and precision S10 and S17 Fluoride pIon Sensors. The controller features a multi-bus design, which enables customization of up to four inputs and six outputs in a 1/2 DIN NEMA 4X enclosure, channel comparisons or measurement compensation, configurable conductivity concentration curves and the graphical display of data and PID control on the outputs or up to eight optional SPDT relays.

              Advanced Telemetry

              EcoView Commerical

              Energy and Resource Management System

              The EcoView Commercial energy and resource management suite from Advanced Telemetry monitors and manages HVAC use through real-time consumption monitoring and climate control. The wall-mounted touch panel receives consumption data in real time from a metering device installed at the breaker panel where the electricity mains enter a building. Users can access real time electricity consumption data onsite and remotely through an online interface. The product is designed to reduce energy consumption in small commercial buildings.

                Sierra Monitor Corp.

                Chlorine Gas Sensor

                The Sierra Monitor 5100-06-IT chlorine gas sensor features a six-month calibration cycle. The stand-alone module includes a scrolling LED with a magnet-operated menu, 4-20 mA output, RS-485 Modbus interface, SentryBus, and integral alarm relays. Non-intrusive calibration, remote sensors and 316 stainless steel enclosure options are available.

                  Onset Computer Corp.

                  Wireless Sensors

                  Onset’s HOBOnode wireless sensors are designed for outdoor environmental monitoring. The units transmit air temperature and soil moisture data to a remote PC. Accompanying software displays real time graphs of environmental conditions and provides alarm notifications via text message and e-mail when conditions exceed set thresholds. The products use integrated solar-rechargeable batteries.

                    Casella USA

                    Air Sampling Pumps

                    The TUFF™ line of personal air sampling pumps from Casella USA features a sealed case with rubber over-molding that protects internal electronics from moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact. Offering a flow range from 5 ml/min to 4.5 l/min, the three pumps that comprise the new line are suited to occupational health applications such as simple abatement sampling or specialized industrial hygiene monitoring of dusts, fumes, and vapors. All pumps incorporate a double-acting diaphragm pump mechanism with precise digital control, providing real-time flow control and stability.

                      Automation Products Group, Inc

                      Tank Monitoring

                      LOE Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensors, available in three models, offer a sensing solution for monitoring liquids or solids in remote tanks and can also be used for local tank monitoring applications. These sensors feature Power Over Ethernet (POE) for easy wiring, AutoSense software, and can be programmed and configured remotely – without requiring any configuration software – via the levelandflow.com Web site and locally via the sensor’s embedded Web page. Suitable applications include cooking oil and automotive oil recyclers and chemical manufactuerers.

                        Perma Pure

                        Dilution Probe

                        Baldwin Model 45 Dilution Extraction Probe eliminates the need for conditioning systems and high-cost heated lines by reducing water vapor content in sample gas. The out-of-stack system dilutes the sample gas with dry air by a ratio of between 25:1 and 250:1. This device features a unique hard metal critical orifice for improved durability, repeatability, and cleaning during blowback. The probe is housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure for external mounting.

                          Extech, FLIR Systems

                          FLIR i-Series Thermal Imagers

                          FLIR Systems has launched its FLIR i-Series thermal imaging cameras. The three-camera i-Series range—the i40, i50, and i60—offers infrared diagnostic capabilities designed to help in-house plant maintenance, electrical and HVAC technicians, building inspectors, and pro thermographers find problems faster and more easily. The i-Series introduces numerous features, including a FUSION scalable picture-in-picture for blending an IR image with a visual reference image, up to a 2.3 megapixel resolution coupled with a built-in illuminator lamp, 2 percent accuracy and a thermal sensitivity of <0.1°C at 25°C.


                            Advanced Diagnostic Model

                            Pepperl+Fuchs' Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) removes complexity from FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus installations and is unique in its ability to bring control to the fieldbus by monitoring the fieldbus physical layer, while creating transparency and easy evaluation of the network. The extremely detailed information provided by the ADM is displayed in a simple-to-use Device Type Manager in the control room. Engineering contractors, commissioning experts, plant operators, and maintenance specialists gain visibility into the fieldbus physical layer for faster commissioning work, longer plant-uptime, true preventative maintenance and efficient troubleshooting.

                              Real Tech

                              Real Tech Spectrum Analyzer

                              Spectrum Analyzer

                              Real Tech’s online spectroscopy analyzer series provides real-time process monitoring and scanning across the whole spectrum of UV and/or visible light, allowing for the rapid detection of many common and emerging contaminants in water. The user can configure the spectrum analyzer for the facility’s specific water needs. It features multi-component measurement capabilities that extract and isolate concentration information about one or more chemical components of known and unknown mixtures.

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