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LED Beacons

LED Warning Beacon

E2S's EEx d versions of its BEx family of Explosion Proof beacons and MB Series of Marine beacons are available in high intensity LEDs rather than the traditional Xenon tube, a change that enables nine different modes of operation to be specified. With versions using both technologies now available, users can specify the best option for the installation. The BEx versions are approved to IECEx, InMetro and GOST R. The devices provide three remotely selectable visual alarm stages. In addition to the stand-alone beacon, the units are available combined with a 112dB(A) sounder in a single housing, giving users a cost-effective and easy to install method of providing both audible and visual signalling.

    real hi pure UV254

    Real UV254 Hi-Pure / Security Online Monitor

    Real Tech’s Real UV254 Hi-Pure / Security Online monitors detect trace amounts of organic contamination in finished drinking waters and high-purity waters in real time. The monitors use the company’s Split-Sense Pro technology to provide sensitivity and reliability at a fraction of the cost of alternative organics monitors, such as TOC. The U.S. EPA National Homeland Security Research Centre’s Technology Testing and Evaluation Program recently evaluated the product and found it had great success at detecting accidental/intentional contamination events in drinking water distribution systems. The monitor also has applications in ultrapure industrial processes.


    Videx Smart Key Cabinet

    Smart Key Cabinet

    Videx’s CyberKey Vault 20 is a smart key cabinet. Electronic keys that are stored in it contain no permissions to open any locks in a facility. Rather, when an employee needs a key, his or her RFID card or PIN must be entered to open the vault and request a key to be programmed and released. The key that is released contains the access permissions specific to that person. The product also automatically sends audit reports to management.



      Disaster Siren and Alarm

      The A141 high output disaster siren and alarm from E2S has an output at 1 m in excess of 140dB, louder than a jet engine on full power at takeoff. With a power increase from 100W to 400W, the output of the A141 is substantially higher than the A140 it replaces, giving it an effective warning range of between 500 and 750 m depending on atmospheric conditions. The unit has a choice of 32 user-selectable warning tones and is powered from either 24VDC or 115/230VAC.

        Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products

        Spill Cleanup

        SPILL-X-A chemical spill products adsorbs and treats acid spills, transforming the liquid chemicals into a neutral solid state. There are four different SPILL-X agents capable of handling a variety of spills including organic and inorganic acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and phosphoric, as well as caustics, solvents formaldehyde. The quick-action and ease-of-use make it an ideal solution for hazmat facilities, chemical labs, school labs, and healthcare labs.

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