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CNIguard Intrusion Detection System

CNIguard intrusion detection system is designed to protect access points in drinking water distribution systems against the threat of intentional contamination.  The system utilizes a patented Smart Sensing Technology to detect tampering such as drilling, grinding and cutting; while virtually eliminating costly false alarms. The computerized system can distinguish between real threats and common occurrences such as heavy rain, hail, etc. and is rated for a maximum of one false alarm per year. CNIguard does not rely on human interpretation to determine if a threat is real.   

    Parker Hannifin Corporation

    THM Analyzer

    Parker Hannifin Corporation’s THM Analyzer is an on-site analytical system that measures trihalomethane (THM) concentration at ppb levels in less than 30 minutes. It  is an integrated Purge-and-Trap Gas Chromatograph (GC) that can help operators optimize water treatment at the plant and evaluate water age in the distribution system for improved control over the formation of THMs. The THM Analyzer was designed for high-precision, high accuracy measurement of THM and offers a full complement of calibration and quantization routines. Analyzer calibration is streamlined with detailed menu options, while push-button operation provides sample purging, THM component separation, and data analysis.


      Pepperl Fuchs Diagnostic Module Software

      Diagnostic Module Software

      Pepperl+Fuchs’ Advanced Diagnostic Module DTM software monitors the quality of fieldbus communication for FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks, and includes updates that speed fieldbus commissioning. This smart software tool translates data provided by the ADM into actionable information. It can run on a server in the control room, turning the complete fieldbus infrastructure into an open book that can be read even without expert knowledge.

        Paragon Software Systems

        Carbon Minimizer

        Paragon’s Carbon Minimizer software is designed to reduce truck emissions and gas costs. The software monitors a truck’s fuel use and carbon emissions, then estimates and reports the total carbon dioxide and fuel content of the routes and schedules by measuring distance, speed, weight and fuel efficiency. The product configures its monitoring for slower urban journeys that use more fuel and carbon dioxide per mile than highway journeys.


          Analog Output Modules

          Acromag’s ES2171 and ES2172 analog output modules provide 16-bit Ethernet-to-voltage or current conversion for control of up to 16 industrial devices. The modules accept Modbus TCP/IP, UDP/IP and i2o peer-to-peer network inputs, and provide high-resolution analog outputs to drive displays, indicators, chart recorders, positioners and actuators. An aluminum enclosure resists 50G shock and 5G vibration. The units are designed to mount on machinery, DIN rails or walls. The industrial-grade specs feature -40 to 75 degrees Celsius operating temperatures.

            Breeze Software

            Risk Analysis Software

            The BREEZE Risk Analyst is human health and ecological risk assessment software. The product can be used to conduct GIS-based analyses of multi-pathway human health risk assessments, or food-web based ecological risk assessment modeling. The application provides framework for conducting risk assessment modeling for both regulatory and non-regulatory applications, including air monitoring health impact analysis, air toxics risk assessment and ecological risk assessment. The software is available as a standalone application with GIS capabilities or as an Environmental Systems Research Institute ArcView™ Extension.


                Network Repeater

                The Model 4683-TTM-3F RS-485 network repeater from Acromag is designed for use with Johnson Controls N2 or BACnet MS/TP bus control systems. The device drives up to 32 RS-485 devices and isolates and boosts signals up to 4,000 feet. Electrical surge protection with 1,500-volt AC isolation shields the host computer from destructive noise spikes and other transient signals. The product has multiple LEDs and field-selectable EOLN terminations. The device is available in 24-, 115- and 230-volt AC power models.

                  AllMax Software, Inc.

                  Work Order, Equipment Monitoring

                  AllMax Software has released Antero v4.10, a secure, user-friendly maintenance data management software that will help eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies. A new Work Order Request function enables users to submit a request for a specific task or piece of equipment. The work order request can include the date, time, priority, equipment, description, who requested the work order, and other relative information. It will also show any changes to the status, notes that may have been added to the request, and managing users can read, close, or associate a request with an open work order.


                    Pump Scheduling Software

                    Derceto’s Pump Scheduling software calculates the minimum cost solution from the multitude of possible pump schedule combinations to meet the day's evolving demand while maintaining defined constraints, such as water turnover and storage requirements. Running in real-time, the product recognizes and reacts to sudden and evolving changes quickly and accurately. The software also can handle noisy or poor-quality data, providing reliability.

                      Linko Data Systems Inc.

                      Management Software

                      Improvements in the LinkoFOG™ software help municipal fats, oil, and grease programs reduce sanitary sewer overflows and sewer-line maintenance by quickly identifying and addressing areas of concern. Version 9 easily inventories food-service establishments and grease traps/interceptors. Inspections and grease-trap maintenance requirements are automatically scheduled and managed. Late-pumping-report submissions and grease-trap compliance limit exceedances trigger violations and enforcements. All educational outreach campaigns are scheduled, generated, and logged.


                        Management/Optimization Software

                        ABB's Asset Master software provides traditional set-up tools for instrumentation configuration and calibration. The software can manage up to 500 devices. Devices can include flowmeters, analyzers, actuators, control valves, and positioners. The software provides online monitoring and tuning, online and offline device configuration, parameter adjustment, diagnostic alerts, asset monitoring, calibration management, and integral work-order processing. Users are informed of degrading performance through alarm and events features.

                          CUES Inc.

                          GPS Mapping Stick

                          Used to precisely locate structures such as manholes, the Wireless GPS Mapping Stick from CUES collects sub-meter GPS coordinates and transmits them seamlessly into the Granite XP inspection software from a distance of up to 1,500 feet. Tracing the path of lines also can be recorded and updated into GIS maps to present detailed infrastructure layers, as well as linear references. The GPS data is associated to the specific asset identified in the field and then updated into GIS.

                            Quantum Compliance Systems

                            EH&S Dashboard

                            Quantum Compliance Systems offers an integrated dashboard tool for FacTS™, an environmental health and safety information management system software package that assists in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. The dashboard will allow customers to create reports and graphs to track key performance indicators by directly reading data stored in FacTS. The dashboard communicates complex information quickly, translating corporate data into a rich, graphical presentation using gauges, maps, charts, and other graphics to show multiple results together.

                              CUES Inc.

                              Pipeline Software

                              Granite XP from Cues is a comprehensive pipeline condition and decision support software solution for achieving an effective water, wastewater, and stormwater management program. Designed for use in the field or in the office, the software can help users meet NPDES requirements by identifying and prioritizing wastewater and stormwater repair projects.

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