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Reduces energy consumption and increases MBR technology


LEAPprimary significantly reduces overall energy use, costs and physical space requirements by combining separation, thickening and dewatering of primary wastewater solids into one compact, high-performance unit. It replaces conventional clarification and fine screening in a typical MBR plant. LEAPprimary offers high removal of total suspended solids (50-70 percent) and biochemical oxygen demand (25-40 percent), and the removed solids can be dewatered to 20-30 percent dry matter, minimizing handling costs. Since solids and organic material are removed prior to secondary biological treatment, energy use for biological treatment is reduced.


    GE Water

    Pressurized Membranes

    GE Water of Trevose, Pa., has expanded its family of ZeeWeed ultrafiltration products with the introduction of the ZeeWeed 1500. The new pressurized module is suitable for use in water treatment, tertiary filtration, and pretreatment for brackish and seawater desalination. Key features include low-fouling PVDF membrane chemistry, outside-in filtration, an ultrafiltration barrier, and high solids tolerance. As a lower-cost pressurized system offering simplified construction, quick installation, and high quality water treatment, the new product is well suited for projects in emerging markets worldwide.

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