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  • Parker domnick hunter

Parker domnick hunter

Dry Air System

Parker domnick hunter’s PNEUDRI MiDAS is a mini dry air system that provides plant engineers uninterrupted clean and dry compressed air. The unit contains a particulate filter and a desiccant cartridge inside a single module. The product features top-end re-pressurization and a quick-release top cap arrangement that does not require inlet/outlet ports to be disconnected. The unit is available at a pressure dew point of -40 or -100 degrees Fahrenheit, and at flow rates of 3- to 20-scfm at 100 psig.

    Parker domnick hunter

    CO2 Purifier

    Designed for use by drinks manufacturers, the PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Purifier range offers point of use protection against moisture, hydrocarbons, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide. The range uses a mix of adsorbent materials that provide effective CO2 purification in accordance with the quality guidelines published by the International Society for Beverage Technologists. This modular unit has no moving parts and its housing provides corrosion protection. The materials of construction were independently verified to comply with FDA CFR, Title 21 “Food & Drug.”

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