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Gas Well Production Optimization

Control Microsystems’ SCADAPack ProductionPLUS is a pad-wide optimization solution that combines EFM and plunger lift for more than 30 wells per pad. It runs in all SCADAPack 4203 gas flow computers and 300-Series controllers. Each is ideally suited to support Electronic Flow Measurement and production optimization applications while performing control and monitoring tasks. When the 4203 is used at each well head, it provides a distributed intelligence architecture that addresses the downside of having a single point of failure in traditional pad-wide optimization.

    Control Microsystems

    Pump Station Controller

    The FlowStation 110 from Control Microsystems is an out-of-the-box pump station controller package designed for use in storm and wastewater lift stations and common pump-up applications. The components consist of a pump controller, a color touch screen local operator interface, GPRS modem, SMS and e-mail alarming. An integrated BlackBerry interface is designed for central viewing and alarm acknowledgement. For larger water control systems, the package provides interface tools that exploit the product’s integrated Web server and Ethernet capabilities.

      Control Microsystems

      SCADA Software

      Control Microsystems' ClearSCADA 2007 automation management software gathers, processes, and relays information. The software provides standards-based communications coupled with a client-server architecture and object-oriented programming. The product offers an integrated module for electronic-flow measurement applications, support for additional master protocols, and query processor performance. Other features include optimized vector graphics, a scheduler utility, an expanded driver library, increased security, and alarm management.

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