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VFD Insurance Program

Danfoss Drives’ DrivePro-tection insurance program for the VLT AQUA Variable Frequency Drives covers the cost of damage from lightning strikes and other line anomalies, load anomalies, accidental exposure to moisture or corrosives and accidental physical damage resulting from collision from the time the units are shipped from the factory. Coverage is available for new and installed drives for up through six years. Local authorized service partner companies provide onsite support and services cover replacement drive material, drive repair labor, travel expense and freight costs.

    Danfoss Drives


    Low Harmonic Drive

    Danfoss Drives’ VLT Low Harmonic Drive performs real time analysis and actively imposes currents, as needed, to restore and ensure the highest possible quality sine waves from the power supply grid. These drives are available in the power range 132 - 630 kW high overload, 160 - 710 kW normal overload and voltage range of 380 - 480 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz. Users receive a full readout of the unit performance toward the grid, including a graphical overview of grid behavior.

      Danfoss Drives

      Variable Frequency Drive

      Danfoss Drives’ VLT® Micro Drive is now available in an M4-frame size covering the three-phase 380 – 480 VAC, 15 – 20 HP range. The M4 is 250-mm tall (292 mm with flange) x 125-mm wide x 241-mm deep. They feature conformal-coated PCBs per IEC 60721-3-3, class 3C3, and provide serial communication via RS 485 Modbus RTU and FC protocols. It features a detachable local control panel with or without a potentiometer, a copy function, and a panel-front mounting kit.

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