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Advanced Drainage Systems

Leaching Chamber

Leaching Chamber

ADS’s 36LP is a plastic leaching chamber designed for challenging installations, such as those in high groundwater conditions or with other site restrictions. The chamber’s 20-degree integral articulating joint works in straight or contoured septic leach field applications. The product incorporates a “lock and drop” joint that provides a more positive connection during installation and backfill, and also features a universal inlet/outlet end cap, two inspection vent ports with easy-to-remove knockouts and diamond plate texture for slip resistance.

    Advanced Drainage Systems

    Inlet Filters

    Advanced Drainage Systems’ Flexstorm inlet filters function as stormwater sediment control units. The units filter silt, solids and other pollutants. The product’s rigid steel frame supports a suspended sediment bag that filters stormwater runoff through a geotextile fabric. The filters are available in curb box, flat rectangular, gutter/V-grate, rolled curb and round inlet filter configurations.

      Advanced Drainage Systems

      HDPE Grease Interceptor Tank

      Advanced Drainage Systems' grease interceptor tank design meets ASTM’s new standard, ASTM F2649 Standard Specification for Corrugated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grease Interceptor Tanks. The ADS tanks provide a watertight and long-life system that can be designed to resist the heated, corrosive discharges found in food waste. Ready to install, the tanks are available in 750-, 1,000-, 1,500-, and 2,000-gallon capacities.

      Grease interceptor tanks are installed between a commercial kitchen and the sanitary sewer system to prevent grease from conveying to sanitary sewer plants.

      ADS developed its line to help food service facilities meet EPA requirements. Each tank is designed to accept most discharges associated with commercial food preparation.

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