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Dehumidification System

Munters Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) dehumidification system integrates a desiccant dehumidifier with other air conditioning components. ICA is customizable to multiple configurations, offers 10 rotor sizes, 7 desiccant options, and a range of standard components engineered for maximized performance. The device incorporates many advanced features including double wall construction with no-through metal design in either 2.5- or 4- inch wall thickness. Surface options of galvalume, textured aluminum, stainless steel or any combination work in all operational environments.


    Water Generator

    Munters' H2O LiquidAir is a water-generating solution that captures outside air moisture and converts it into pure drinking water. The device dehumidifies and cools air while it removes moisture. The system uses R-410A refrigerant to help preserve the ozone layer.



      Munters’ DryCool Standard allows users to control temperature and humidity independently. The product is designed to treat 100 percent makeup air and can work in conjunction with an existing air-conditioning system or energy recovery ventilator. The unit controls humidity on an as-needed basis, when humidity levels exceed setpoint. It has the capacity to process between 1,000 and 16,000 cfm of makeup air.


        Cooling System

        Munters’ Oasis indirect evaporative cooling system uses a corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger to produce dry, cool air without refrigeration. Best suited for hot, dry climates, the system treats makeup air for 50 percent less energy and provides cooling energy recovery and winter heat recovery. The product assists in reducing peak demand loads.


          Tubular Heat Exchanger

          Munters’ Thermo-T tubular heat exchanger recovers energy from processes with temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Welded construction prevents cross-contamination, and thermal-expansion joints allow the device’s heat-exchanging tubes to expand in high-temperature applications. The unit features numerous configurations and airflows from 3,000 scfm to 30,000 scfm.

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