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ECD DO90 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DO90 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Engineers responsible for maintaining boiler operations will find the Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is designed for the continuous and highly accurate measurement of trace levels of dissolved oxygen, helping to maintain oxygen-free boiler feed water and reducing corrosion.

ECD’s Model DO90 Trace Dissolved Oxygen Sensor offers reliable and effective monitoring of boiler feed water. Oxygen should only be present in trace quantities in boiler feed water, as excessive concentrations of oxygen can result in corrosion damage to the components of the steam cycle. Boiler feed water is thermally and chemically degassed to achieve oxygen-free water, a state which must be maintained throughout the steam cycle.

The Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor is a lead-silver galvanic sensor with a durable PFA Teflon membrane. As a digital sensor, all of the signal conditioning, calibration and diagnostic functions are performed inside the sensor. Its signal is noise-free and it features zero calibration and air calibration.  

The Model DO90 flow cell has been specially designed for use with the Model DO90 Sensor. The orientations of the inlet and outlet sample lines automatically purge air from the flow cell. The measurement chamber is optimized for fast response and all wetted parts are 316L stainless steel. The DO90 sensor is also compatible with ECD’s T80 Analyzer, which also works with all Model S80 Sensors.

The DO90 Sensor offers a large measurement range, from 0.001 to 20.00 mg/L.

Long-term stability means that drift is less than 1 percent per month.  Needing virtually no maintenance, the DO90 sensor has an easily replaceable electrode cartridge, eliminating the need for messy electrolyte/membrane replacement kits.

The Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor is available as separate components, sensor, fittings, flow cell, Model T80 Transmitter or as a complete panel mounted system. The panel mount system is a complete plumb-and-play device. The system is also available as a complete kit, less the panel, for mounting to an existing water panel. Installation of the flow cell is also easy, using either the clamp style holders for wall mount or the two 10 x 32 threaded ports on the backside of the flow cell for panel mounting.