Dakota Technologies

Laser-induced Fluorescence Systems

Dakota Technologies is now making its Ultra-Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST™) available to qualified field service providers. It has incorporated 15 years of laser-induced fluorescence screening tool experience into a product designed specifically for characterization of fuels, oils, and associated polyaromatic hydrocarbon-containing NAPLS. The 308-nm excitation laser excites the PAHs in nearly all petroleum products. Designed specifically for percussion-driven, direct push platforms such as Geoprobe® and PowerProbe™, the system is also compatible with CPT rigs. Each patented system includes the UVOST instrument, a ruggedized field PC, fiber optic cables, tools, custom software, and documentation – everything needed to conduct LIF logging of petroleum source terms. Employees of companies that purchase a system will receive complete training and must pass a comprehensive examination prior to receiving certification.