Top Solar Power Trends in America in 2017

Last year, the United States saw solar panel installations dramatically increase. With many benefits, including being better for the environment, solar paneling has recently surged in popularity as 4.1GW of solar photovoltaic cells were installed in the country. This surge also can be attributed to the recent price drop in solar panel systems.

Some people see solar batteries as a way to ensure they have adequate power supply, as solar power ensures that they will have electricity even during outages. Many companies have been working on improving the battery storage of solar panels installations and have succeeded in giving individuals the power to be in control with their household's own energy.

In traditional power settings, consumers were not ever quite sure how much energy their household had left or had already consumed. Now it is easy to stay on track and in the know. You are now able to get a real-time view of your energy production and consumption. This is highly interactive and user friendly because it is a cloud-based operation. This means that maintaining family budgets and keeping track of finances is now easier than ever, a true perk of 2017 energy consumption.

Different-sized solar panels have begun to trend in 2017. It has been brought to light that there are different sizes based on the intended use. A solar contractor is able to size up residential projects and inform the homeowners on the best-sized solar panel for them. This task is an important step to solar panel consumers because size will determine the amount of energy a family can consume. It is all about what will lower their electricity bill in the end.

There are many different installation types of solar paneling. The most common solar panels usually are on the roofs of residential houses. The size of these is larger than with many other solar panel uses. Solar lighting and solar ovens are an example of this. The sizes of the panels must accommodate the source that is being used. The rise in popularity has allowed solar paneling to become more tailored to power more things because one size does not fit all, in most cases.

The surge in American solar panels is something that should be encouraged. Not only does it help to reduce the cost of a business's or household's electricity bill, but also it saves the environment. This has the potential to change the world in a way that has been in need of reform for quite some time on a personal and also a deeply social level. Solar paneling is an extremely healthy trend to get in the habit of using, and it is necessary to get on board with these trends in the coming year.

About the Author: Mary Johnson has been a freelance writer for the past 2-3 years. She has at heart the ecology cause, and has decided to write about environmental news since she believes that it is fundamental to keep up with the latest news.

Posted on Mar 20, 2017