Closed Landfill Getting Sued by Missouri

Closed Landfill Getting Sued by Missouri

According to a Waste & Recycling News article, Missouri State Attorney General Chris Koster has said that his office will get involved in the lawsuit against a Bridgeton landfill because of a request by the state Department of Natural Resources.  

The Bridgeton landfill company has apologized for the foul odors that the area omits and said they are trying to install 40 new gas collection wells in order to help reduce the severity of the smells. The odors are so severe that some people claim that they cannot even go outside without getting a headache or getting sick to their stomachs.

"For St. Louisans who have not been directly exposed to the site, it is difficult to describe the effects this situation is having on local neighborhoods and businesses," Koster said. "While we have been assured by Republic Services that they have developed a remediation plan and are implementing that plan as expeditiously as possible, it is important that we ensure the corporation's promises are binding and enforceable in a court of law."

I have driven through areas with landfills nearby, and I know that the smells can be indescribable and completely nauseating, but I never thought about the state actually suing the company in order to deal with the odors. I think it’s nice to have that sort of authority and regulations in those areas, but I can’t help but wonder how those companies could avoid those odors in the first place. What do you think?

Posted by Lindsay Page on Apr 08, 2013

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