green community picture for USGA water conference.

Women Help Drive Demand for Environmentally Conscious Communities

According to Henry DeLozier, principal of Global Golf advisors, women are the driving force behind purchasing homes and most women are becoming more sensitive to environmentalism, making environmentally friendly homes a must-have for many families. Neighborhoods that offer great views of water and water edges are always in high demand, but now people are striving to find affluent neighborhoods that provide water efficiency and other environmental perks.

“Women shop for homes with ample socialization opportunities that cater to the four things women seek most: fun, friends, family, and fitness,” stated DeLozier. “Because of those needs, community developers are seeking ways to provide all of those with the environment in mind.”

When developers look at land to purchase, water supply is the key focus. Developers need to know the cost of water access, cost of water infrastructure, and the recurring capital costs of water allocation. Because water supply is a global concern, developers also need to know who controls water supply, how long the water access is secured, and if any backup water supply is available.

In order to cater to the needs and wants of potential property owners, developers are striving to find ways to conserve water in all aspects of constructing homes and recreational facilities, such as golf courses. Using smaller land areas, for example, for courses provide a simple way to use less water while also offering homebuyers the recreational opportunities they crave.

Creating communities that cater to the growing environmental needs of the population is becoming more common across the country and the world. And with women in the driver’s seat of buying homes, environmentally friendly neighborhoods may soon become the norm.

So, what do you think? Do you think the demand for “green” communities will continue to rise? Should developers start working on only environmentally friendly constructions and houses?

Posted on Nov 08, 2012