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At Environmental Protection, you don't have to hold in your opinion after reading an article, blog, poll, or someone else's comments. You can comment on virtually all of the site's content.

Part of my job is to screen out the comments that don't really bring any value to a potential discussion. For example, the "Top Ten Ways to Recycle" tip is one of our most popular items, but visitors often comment that "It's cool to recycle." How do you respond to that? Those types of comments rarely see the light of day.

I have collected a few of the approved comments to give you an idea of what other readers have expressed.

UK Contracts Raytheon for Wind Turbine Effects on Radar Study
The issue isn't so much with the turbine blades. A 2005 report from the Ministry of Defence showed a blackout zone around the farm even on calm days when the turbines were still. General aviation type craft (with small radar signature) were lost to the radar in this zone, regardless of altitude. The Doppler returns from the turning blades just created extra returns near the planes with larger radar signatures, which were impossible to distinguish from actual aircraft.

Analysis: Carbon Pricing in CLEAR Bill Will Generate U.S. Jobs
Industry has been upgrading to energy efficient projects for 25 years, We have looked at so called green projects but to date they do not work for most facilities. Rather than taking carbon, the government should develop competitive green energy projects that are attractive to Industry. Taxes on carbon will only slow the process.

Senators Offer Disapproval Resolution to Block EPA Endangerment Actions
Do you honestly believe that the science of GHG is free from politics? This has been a political issue for years. Look at the mis-statements and exaggerations that have been used to inflame the passions of people who will listen. Of course we also know that information that is counter to the GHG movement has been set aside by those who are working toward proving their ideas as correct. Neither side is completely honest and for EPA to move as they did at this time is premature at best and completely political at worst.

Some of the comments make me wonder if the people leaving them work in the industry or for environmental organizations. If we could get more industry professionals to engage in the conversation, then we might see some more lively discussions.

Thank you and please feel free to comment.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on May 10, 2010

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