In Response to 'Global Cooling'

Image courtesy of NASA-JPL
Over three days, this commentary prompted nine readers to send an e-mail this way.

Many of them questioned why Environmental Protection would post such an opinion. While I have answered all of them individually, I would like to share my response with you: We posted the "Global Cooling" letter because it expresses an opinion about a critical environmental topic. We hope to engage readers like you to express their opinions as well.

Eight of the nine readers disagreed with the opinion or our decision to post it, but only one said he would consider an official rebuttal. For your information, we will post any rebuttal responses in the Commentary space that appears on the top right corner of the home page, Also for your information, most of the commentary that we offer as a staff comes in the form of the Plantshed blog. We have hosted two guest blogs on this site as well. The Commentary is reserved for contributed, not staff written, pieces.

A technical glitch caused readers some confusion. The current EP management system does not provide a "commentary" or "opinion" tag for the material and it was inadvertently tagged "article," which is incorrect in any case. Our apologies. We are currently working on a new content management system that should correct this issue.


The fact that 8 out of 9 readers disagreed with the “Global Cooling Article” posting is a sad commentary on your readership population.

Free speech and most importantly scientific peer review of actual science are essential to the realism and purity of science. The hysteria and proposed legislation based in the incomplete science supposedly proving global warming is an atrocity. Global warming (now climate change) has turned into a political movement completely abandoning all scientific principals long ago.

The fact that these individuals don’t even want you to post the Global Cooling article makes one believe that they are solely political hacks of the Al Gore religion. I believe he (Al Gore) stated “the debate is over.” In true science, the debate is never over.

I applaud the author of Global Cooling and support his conclusions. Might I add that if people think their breath, CO2, is contributing to warming the atmosphere then they are seriously overestimating their importance on the grand and beautiful earth that our Lord created. We must and should protect our earth but not to the detriment of humanity.

Lisa Lamantia
RSO/Reg. Comp. Eng.
EMD, a business unit of Curtiss Wright Flow Control Company

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on May 26, 2009