Conservation in the Translation

I'm trying to brush up on Spanish, which means relearning much of what I was taught in college (see why it pays to continuously practice a skill -- or as my teacher would say: "Hay que estudiar mucho").

However, I realize that what I didn't learn from the textbooks was how to converse in environmental-ese. So, I am making a starter list of words and phrases and hope that this also will help anyone who is learning Spanish. Additionally, any help fluent readers can provide will be appreciated.

English/ inglés -- United States Environmental Protection Agency
Spanish/español -- Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Estados Unidos

English/ inglés -- air pollution
Spanish/español -- contaminación atmosférica

English/ inglés -- drinking water
Spanish/español -- agua potable

English/ inglés -- alternative energy
Spanish/español -- energía alternativa

English/ inglés -- radioactive waste
Spanish/español -- desechos radioactivos

English/ inglés -- human health
Spanish/español -- salud humana

English/ inglés -- recycling
Spanish/español -- reciclaje

English/ inglés -- composting
Spanish/español -- compostaje

While translations may vary by Spanish-speaking countries, an effort was made to find the ones more commonly used in the United States.

Posted by Angela Nelson on Jan 08, 2009