Are You Reading This?

Just so you know, Environmental Protection gets feedback and not all of it is complimentary.

Reader 1: Why is your magazine so far behind on the global warming science? I never see articles debunking the myth of anthropogenic global warming. It seems you are 10 years behind on the science and professional papers.

Reader 2: Don't see the evidence of warming as we come off yet another cold winter in the Nebraska, but I do see the evidence of the idiocy of the current rush to destroy industrialization by the price I pay at the pump. 80 percent reduction--what are you people smoking in Dallas?

Please, so I don't puke up my morning coffee as this drivel comes across my computer, remove us from your subscriber list.

There, now you've seen it. We're not afraid to expose our faults; we actually are discovering what is missing and finding that you are reading our e-newsletter and the Web site, even if the information does not meet individual expectations. Better still, you are communicating. And communicating has the same root word as community. It's a start.

As for the first comment, I am researching the science that relates to manmade global warming. Interestingly enough, our recent salary survey respondents seem to agree that human activity is not the primary cause of global warming. On the second, I can't take credit for the weather or the economic situation, but I will say that I don't smoke -- in Dallas -- or any other location. Nor do I make the news.

I would like to continue the conversation with the gentleman (or any EP readers) who was, at his request, removed from our subscriber list. I'd like to win him back (and keep you) by learning what types of news he does find useful.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Aug 20, 2008

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