5 Companies Win Inaugural Environmental Protection Product Awards

Our judges chose OMI Industries, Excal Visual, KriStar, Calgon Carbon, and Hach as companies having this year's most helpful products among those entered in the first Environmental Protection New Product of the Year awards.

Congress Approves Prescription Drug Disposal Law

New disposal regulations may prevent pharmaceuticals from reaching drinking water sources.

Prefurbia traffic flow

Part 2: Prefurbia Incorporates Flow

This is the second installment of a multi-part series on some of today's problems in land development and how innovative methods collectively known as "Prefurbia" can help overcome them.

Restoration Plan Would Have Spill Penalty Money Stay in Gulf

The report from U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus says the money will be used for recovery through a coordinated federal, state and local, long-term strategy

EPA and ExxonMobil Settle Case for Closure of Illegal Acid Waste Impoundments

EPA and ExxonMobil agreed to settle a case involving more than one billion gallons of illegally stored hazardous waste at the Agrifos Fertilizer site in Pasadena, Texas.

More Oxygen Needed to Finish Exxon Valdez Spill Cleanup, Study Says

Researchers in EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory in Ohio tested the ability of oil to biodegrade after 20 years and discovered that oxygen was the limiting factor.

EPA Adds Seven Hazardous Waste Sites to NPL

These additions and recent cleanups have changed the number of National Priorities List sites from 1,627 to 1,343 final and proposed sites.

EPA Sets Sights on Mercury Waste from Dental Offices

The agency says existing technology will be able to capture mercury waste from dental amalgams.

University of Nevada Demonstrates Successful Sludge-to-power Research

The researchers' custom-built processing machine uses an innovative process with relatively low temperatures in a fluidized bed of sand and salts to economically produce biomass fuel from sludge.

Court Allows $4.3M Settlement for Indiana Scrap Yard

After three years of litigation, the Evansville Greenway & Remediation Trust will be able to clean up lead and PCBs. Gas and electric and coal companies will be paying the bill.

Scalable Waste Heat Power Generator Vies for $200M GE Challenge

Cyclone Power Technologies' WHE/Generation system converts waste heat to mechanical power and electricity.

Koenigsberg Earns AEHS Lifetime Achievement Award

A remediation technology innovator, Stephen Koenigsberg is being recognized for his work in the field, his responsibilities, and volunteerism.

Emhart Industries Finishes Initial Cleanup at Centredale Manor

The company excavated contaminated soil near and under parts of the Brook Village parking lot in North Providence, R.I., at a cost of about $1.7 million.

FMA Congresses and Waste Management Changing Attitudes: From Garbage Collection to Environmental Performance

Waste Management is leading the charge in offering integrated sustainability solutions by helping companies look at waste streams from top to bottom and inside out. This shift in the way the company is positioning its business is a major turnaround for how it is viewed by its customers.

Organic waste for compost

Good Compost Neighbor Uses Robust Odor Control

One company minimizes odors from the start by quickly processing organic materials into the composting cell and employing covered aerated static pile technology.

Change the World Challenge Includes High School Students

Students will be judged on both their ability to create a positive, measurable solution to a local sustainability issue or challenge using scientific methodology and their ability to explain how the solution can be replicated by other communities.

SiteWise Tool Assesses Environmental Footprint of Cleanups

Navy mandates the use of new assessment tool, co-developed with Battelle, in feasibility studies at all of its remediation sites.

Beach embayment design keeps sand and contaminants in.

Numerical Ocean Models Help Find Causes of Dirty Beaches

U.S. Geological Survey and Michigan State University study applies NOAA models to determine the pathways of contaminants and indicator bacteria.

Algae Aqua-Culture Technology to Use Stimulus for Biodigester Plant

The company's technology turns wood chips and algae into methane and organic fertilizer.

Study: Most Dairy Antibiotics Degrade before Reaching Groundwater

University of California Davis scientists said that most of the antibiotics used to treat dairy cows generally degrade in the top 12 inches of soil.