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APWA, SWANA Co-locate Annual Conferences in Boston

American Public Works Association and Solid Waste Association of North America cooperate by holding conferences in same city.

Silent Spring Study: Residential Indoor Air Has High Levels of EDCs

Samples from high- and low-income areas of San Francisco showed that 32 chemical compounds, some of them suspected or known endocrine disruptors, were more prevalent in indoor air than outdoor air.

New Stormwater Management Guide to Benefit Chesapeake Bay

According to EPA, many municipalities’ stormwater management plans are out of date and have not been fully implemented, and permits don’t always contain clear milestones to ensure that water quality standards would be met.

EPA Solicits Ideas for Enbridge Oil Spill

The agency has a website to answer questions about what technical solutions would be most useful to reviewing officials.

Idaho Lab Cleanup Contract Gives Stimulus to Small Businesses

North Wind Services and TerranearPMC received recovery funding in the amounts of $14 million and $2 million, respectively, to manage construction and cleanup at Idaho National Laboratory.

Allied Waste to pick up and recycle trash from Boy Scout Jamboree

Allied Prepares to Collect Estimated 900 Tons of Boy Scouts' Trash

Boy Scouts are gathered in Fort A.P. Hill, Va., for their annual Jamboree, where Allied Waste has placed 450 trash and recycling bins to manage the cleanup.

New Jersey Asbestos Dump Removed from Superfund List

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Fish and Wildlife Service are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance activities at the Morris County site.

UN scientists speak out on global warming

Commentary: Little Objectivity on Climate Change

Environmental professional calls for Environmental Protection newsletter and EPA to take the blinders off.

'Aged' Biochar Lowers Nitrogen Emissions from Soil, Study Finds

Four months after application, biochars reduced nitrous oxide emissions by up to 73 percent and lowered ammonium leaching by up to 94 percent.


A Re-think on Fly Ash Ponds in India

Bioremediation of ash ponds has the potential to reclaim the contaminated environment and return it to a more natural condition.

Offshore Vessels Pleads Guilty to Dumping Oil on High Seas

The company will pay $2.1 million in penalties for discharging oily wastewater from the bilge tank of the R/V Laurence M. Gould in violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships.

Former, Current Owners to Pay for Cleanup at Walpole Superfund Site

The Justice Department has settled with W.R. Grace, Tyco Healthcare Group, BIM Investment and Shaffer Reality Nominee Trust for $13 million that will pay for past and future cleanup costs related to asbestos and caustic solution use on the site.

Gulf Tech Expo Looks for Best Cleanup Invention

Show sponsors are offering a $20,000 technology development grant at the expo, which is scheduled for Aug. 13-15 at the Mobile Convention Center.

WWEMA Expresses Disappointment on Buy American Clause

House AQUA bill would fund drinking water SRF, grants, and endocrine disruptor screening program but also requires local communities to procure their infrastructure needs from U.S. –based equipment companies.

2.6 Billion Sanitation Business Opportunities

2010 World Toilet Summit Comes to Philadelphia

The summit will be hosted by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers Oct. 30 through Nov. 3.

Riverbank Filtration Removes EDCs and PPCPs, WRF Says

The method is a low-cost environmentally friendly treatment option to remove various pollutants, according to the Water Research Foundation.

Clean Harbors Will Incinerate Unused H1N1 Vaccine

The company is offering the service to health care providers because multiple doses of the vaccine contain enough mercury-based Thimerosal to be treated as a hazardous waste.

Safer Siting Could Have Lessened Damage at Veolia Facility

The Chemical Safety Board completed its report on the 2009 explosion at Veolia ES Technical Solutions' plant in Ohio and recommended the Center for Chemical Process Safety revise control room siting guidelines.

Justice Department Forces PRPs to Pay Up for N.J. Superfund Cleanup

Champion Chemical, Imperial Oil and two former Imperial company officers will pay more than $1 million to satisfy the companies' obligations set forth in a 2001 consent decree.

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