Waste to Energy

Artist rendering of organic waste anaerobic digestion facility

W2E Now Permitted for Organic Waste Facility in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has granted W2E a solid waste permit for its planned anaerobic digestion facility in Columbia.

Qteros and Praj Partner to Accelerate Commercialization of Cellulosic Ethanol

Qteros Inc., the developer of an efficient consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) platform for low-cost production of cellulosic ethanol, and Praj Industries Ltd., a developer of technology and engineering solutions for producing biofuels and biochemicals, have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate commercialization efforts for industrial-scale cellulosic ethanol production.

Veolia Landfill in Wis. Will Generate Electricity from Landfill Gas

The project, slated to commence operation in early summer 2011, will have the initial capacity to generate 42,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power 2,800 homes.

University Constructing 2.8-Megawatt Fuel Cell that Runs on Waste Methane

Construction of a fuel cell with enough capacity to power 2,800 homes has begun on the University of California’s San Diego campus as part of a renewable-energy project to turn waste methane gas from the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant directly into electricity without combustion.

Genetically Engineered Microorganism Metabolizes Waste into Methane

A University of Arkansas researcher and his colleagues have created the first methane-producing microorganism that can metabolize complex carbon structures, which could lead to microbial recycling of waste products and their transformation into natural gas.

Small-Scale Generator Runs on Used Motor Oil – With Low Emissions

Preliminary emissions testing of a small-scale waste-oil power generator have found that the system generates low emissions.

San Antonio Teams with Ameresco to Make Use of Biogas

In a 20-year partnership, the water system and the renewable energy company will collect methane gas from the sewage treatment process and sell it on the open market.

EREF Issues RFP for Sustainable Solid Waste Management Research

Applicants have until Jan. 8, 2011 to submit their proposals.

Methane-to-Market Partners Look for More Emission Reductions at Mexico Meeting

Thirty-six governments will be represented at the Oct. 1 meeting in which participants will try to identify possible additional resources to achieve global action to lower methane emissions.

Organic waste for compost

Good Compost Neighbor Uses Robust Odor Control

One company minimizes odors from the start by quickly processing organic materials into the composting cell and employing covered aerated static pile technology.

Algae Aqua-Culture Technology to Use Stimulus for Biodigester Plant

The company's technology turns wood chips and algae into methane and organic fertilizer.

N.J. Landfill Gas to Energy Project Must Comply with CAA Rules, Too

The owners of Middlesex County and Edgeboro landfills in New Jersey agreed to enhance environmental controls and conduct regular monitoring in a settlement this week.

Lasco air emissions control.

Case Study: Aquatic Adopts RTO for Compliance and Power

Aquatic, which makes plastic composite bath products, invested in Dürr air emissions control technology that also provides energy from the collection and incineration of styrene.

Ukraine Milk Company Powered by 4,000 Cows and Biogas Engine

A green tariff will allow the company to sell its power to the grid.

Rentech Awards Fluor FEED Contract for Rialto Project

Commercial biomass gasification facility to produce renewable synthetic fuels and electric power.

Sewage Sludge Could be a Competitive Feedstock for Biodiesel

EPA's Kargbo says the United States produces 7 million tons of sewage sludge a year, but making it a biofuel resource will not be easy.

Budd Inlet Plant Cogeneration System Uses Methane for Heat, Energy

Energy conservation grants helped to fund upgrade, including an aeration blower retrofit.

Northeastern Students Build Waste Plastic-to-Fuel Combustor

Pyrolysis converts the solid, non-biodegradable plastic into a gas, which is then burned with oxidants to generate heat and steam.

Jackson, Vilsack Promote Farm Energy Generation

The collaboration will provide up to $3.9 million over the next five years to help farms overcome obstacles preventing them from recovering and using biogas.

WERF Wants to Help Small Plants Overcome Biogas Barriers

The Water Environment Research Foundation has issued a request for proposals on research related to strategies for biogas production; proposals are due June 7.