$17 M Supports Research on Climate Change Impacts

Twenty-five universities to explore public health and environmental facets of climate change.

UNT Model Suggests Proteins May Work for CO2 Capture

A technique used to develop new pharmaceuticals could be used to develop new materials that capture carbon dioxide.

U.S. Soils, Forest Store Only 30% of Annual Carbon Emissions

U.S. Geological Survey finds that the United States emits about 1.6 billion metric tons of carbon annually.

13 Air Carriers Sign MOU with Rentech for Synfuel Supply

The memorandum of understanding sets up a framework for the future purchase of certified synthetic jet fuel from Rentech's Natchez Project.

Aussies Foot Bill for Accelerating Carbon Capture and Storage

The Global CCS Institute will support large-scale projects that have a great need and promise the greatest return, according to the group.

Clemson Gets Grant for Carbon Sequestration Contamination Study

The research is expected to lead to improved designs for carbon sequestration projects that will protect underground drinking water supplies.

EPA Hands Over $897,225 in Stimulus for CO2 Injection Study

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will determine the impacts of injecting carbon dioxide into the state's underground water reservoirs for long-term storage.

IGCC Technology Slated for Calif. Project

Integrated gasification combined cycle process at Kern County plant will convert coal power to electricity and capture and sequester carbon dioxide in an adjacent oil field.

Carbon Capture Shows Potential in China

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics researchers identify 100 years of carbon storage reservoirs.

Missouri S&T Studies Sequestration for Utilities

DOE is paying out $644,000 for research on sequestering carbon dioxide in shallow formations to the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Engineering Societies Join Forces to Manage Emissions

Multi-discipline effort, funded by United Engineering Foundation, has developed scorecards to assess merits of various technologies, gaps in technology, and barriers to managing carbon emissions.

Pacific Institute: Water Efficiency Key to Farm Growth

Water use efficiency improvements will help sustain the future of California agriculture, according to a Pacific Institute study.

CleanTech Expo Unveils Technologies on TV

From carbon sequestration to removal of hormones and nanoscale impurities from water, the Clean Tech Expo will showcase new technologies on July 16.

Farmers' Group Outlines Cap and Trade Bill Priorities

American Farmland Trust spells out its priorities with lawmakers.

McIlvaine: Address CO2 Capture for Power Plants Now

Delaying decisions on carbon dioxide mitigation will affect power plant management costs.