EPA Region 4 Recognizes 2 Florida Counties for Excellent Site Reuse

Broward County and Hillsborough County changed two Superfund sites into a wide-ranging outdoor activities park and a multipurpose waste collection center and model airplane park, respectively.

Florida Governor Inquires about Osprey Biotechnics' Technology

The company's Munox product naturally biodegrades petroleum.

Alabama University Gets Grant to Find Bacteria to Degrade Gulf Oil

Two professors will try to find ways to accelerate the chemical breakdown of hydrocarbons using naturally occurring marine organic matter.

Texas Tech Researcher: Fibertect Can Hold Oil and Mustard Vapors

The sorbent material recently was approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Oil Estimates Rise; Navy, Private Companies Stay on the Job

Between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels of oil per day may be leaking from the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fuzzy2 Skimmer Material at Work in Gulf Oil Cleanup

Abanaki product adds surface area and can be retrofitted to existing drum or disk skimmers.

Reflecting Light Wavelengths Reveal Oil in Contaminated Soils

Researchers from several organizations tested visible near infrared light with diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to determine the presence and amount of oil in Louisiana soils.

DOE Completes Vallecitos Nuclear Center Cleanup

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds helped to speed DOE's project to remove about 2,300 cubic feet of radioactive waste from California.

SEC Gets DOE Cleanup. Demolition Work

Safety and Ecology Corporation will earn $2.5 million for remediating a nuclear laboratory in Argonne and demolishing a DOE complex in Oak Ridge.

Air Force Taps AECOM for Restoration, Remediation Jobs

The Worldwide Environmental Restoration and Construction IDIQ contract, valued up to $3 billion, includes about 40 companies.

South Bronx Readies Workers for Gulf Spill Cleanup

Sustainable South Bronx certifies inner-city workers in HAZWOPER; several graduates will be working in Mississippi.

Locals Get Superfund Job Training for Tar Creek Site

More than 20 citizens who live near the Tar Creek Superfund Site in Northeast Oklahoma have received training that will allow them to work to help clean up the site.

Marine Biologist Notes Devastation, Gulf Spill's Silver Lining

Now everyone will know that offshore drilling is the No. 2 cause of oil spills, says John Morrissey.

IWA Announces East Asia Water Project Winners

The International Water Association will award the global grand prize in Montreal in September.

Redwood City to Perform Full Environmental Review of Saltworks

The City Council and voters appear to support a restoration project that would dedicate half of 1,436 acres for recreation and the other half for a walkable, transit-oriented community.

Idaho Lab Looks at Lasers for Cleaning Up after Chemical Attacks

In recent testing at the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, INL researchers have been using ultraviolet-wavelength lasers to scrub surfaces clean of sulfur mustard gas and VX, a nerve agent.

EPA Releases 16 Electric Utilities' Plans for Coal Ash Safety

According to the agency, many facilities have already begun implementing recommendations to improve safety of their impoundments.

BP Responds to EPA Directive on Dispersants

Company says it doesn't have enough information on alternative dispersants nor are sufficient quantities currently available.

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