Potable Water

AWWA Offers 2010 Water Utility Compensation Survey

The American Water Works Association's survey covers water and wastewater utilities of all sizes.

Mount Everest

A View of Pollution from the Top

Study shows pollutant levels in soil collected from Mount Everest glacier were acceptable for most trace elements; arsenic and cadmium exceeded drinking water standards.

EPA to Screen 134 More Chemicals for Endocrine Disruption

Following its initial screening list of 67 pesticide chemicals, the agency now turns it attention to chemicals found in solvents, gasoline, plastics, personal care products, other pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

GWI Names Water Investment Idol Winner

Puralytics' photochemical water purification process took top honors with 28 percent of the audience vote during Global Water Intelligence's first U.S. conference.

West Basin Dedicates Desalination Facility

The demonstration facility will help the district evaluate environmental and energy recoveries.

Duke Study Finds Underground CO2 Could Contaminate Drinking Water

Researchers Robert Jackson and Mark Little took core samples from four drinking water aquifers and discovered that some sites may be more conducive to carbon dioxide storage than others.

ITT Survey Says Americans Ready to Fix Water Infrastructure

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say they’re willing to pay more now to ensure long-term access to clean water.

MWD Water Supply Roadmap Emphasizes Regional Collaboration

The 25-year plan advances potential future contingency resources, such as stormwater capture and seawater desalination.

Tampa Bay Water Board Will Ask 4 Firms to Submit Proposals on Reservoir Fix

The board is looking to repair a crack in the interior, erosion control lining of the C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir.

Scientists Combine Silver and Electricity to Kill Bacteria in Water

Stanford University's Yi Cui and colleagues have developed an energy-saving filter system that destroys E. coli.

Lake Mead lake level

SWRO Desalination: A Viable, Long-Term Solution to Water Scarcity

As the seawater reverse osmosis industry has evolved and matured over the last 10 years, it is addressing concerns about energy efficiency and ecosystem impacts from concentrate discharge and seawater intake processes.

Daigger to Lead International Water Association

Glen Daigger of CH2M Hill will serve as president of IWA for a two-year term.

Voltea technology

Voltea's 'Simple' Technology Helps to Ease Water Stress

The Anglo-Dutch company has based its technology on oppositely charged electrodes combined with anionic and cationic selective membranes.

$5M Study to Consider Climate Impacts on Great Lakes Water Quality

University of Michigan-led researchers will examine current climate, land use, precipitation and water governance patterns and then combine the data with climate change models to forecast possible effects.

GWI Revises Desalination Market Forecast

Global Water Intelligence predicts the industry will not exceed its 2007 performance of 7.5 million cubic meters per day until 2012.

EPA Extends Revised Total Coliform Rule Comment Period

The agency has set the new deadline for Oct. 13 on the revisions to the total coliform rule.

GE, NRMRL to Develop Platform for Water Distribution

In a cooperative research and development agreement, the team will try to increase the effectiveness of the municipal drinking water distribution network for delivery of better quality water while using less energy.

SWASH+ to Bring Water and Sanitation to 150 Schools in Central America

Inter-American Development Bank and The Coca-Cola Foundation have provided for funds for the program's expansion.

Agency Reviewing Black Feet Tribe Application for CWA Program

EPA is taking comments through the state of Montana on the Tribe's assertion of authority.