Nuclear Energy

New Jersey to Join Spent Nuclear Fuel Rule Lawsuit

Three other states already have filed against the Nuclear Regulatory Agency for its 60-year storage standard.

Energy Safety, Security Under the Spotlight as Gas Leaders Debate Future

As the unfolding crisis in Japan raises debates about the future for nuclear power and as Middle Eastern political unrest destabilises petroleum markets, the energy industry faces many considerable challenges as it heads to a flagship industry gathering.

EPA Statement on Air Monitoring Effort

EPA does not expect to see radiation at harmful levels reaching the U.S. from damaged Japanese nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Safety Concerns Spur European Power Price Spikes

Prices on Europe's largest power market spiked violently on Tuesday morning in response to 25 percent of Germany's nuclear capacity coming off line.

United States Sends Additional Experts to Assist Japan

The NRC has sent 11 additional experts to Tokyo to provide assistance as requested by the Japanese government.

NRC Analysis Continues to Support Japan's Protective Actions

NRC analysts overnight continued their review of radiation data related to the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors.

Sandia Lab Helps UAE Set Up Nuclear Energy Safety Institute

Over the last three years, the federal laboratory has been developing a program to ensure that local professionals in the United Arab Emirates will be trained in safety and security concepts related to nuclear energy programs.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Is Anything but Waste

Failure to pursue a program for recycling spent nuclear fuel has put the United States far behind other countries and represents a missed opportunity to enhance the nation's energy security and influence other countries.

New York Takes Issue with NRC Plan to Dump Nuclear Wastes

The attorney general is suing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for authorizing nuclear power plants to dispose of radioactive wastes at Indian Point for 60 Years after closure, without a mandated review.