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California on Road to Zero-Emission Vehicle Future

California on Road to Zero-Emission Vehicle Future

A new rule will reduce pollution by limiting the sale of non-zero-emission cars.

Understanding the Sustainability of Electric Cars

Understanding the Sustainability of Electric Cars

An introduction to sustainability within the car industry.


Volvo's Climate Action Plan Sets An Example For The Automotive Industry

The industry must reduce emissions and focus on sustainable solutions for the future instead of relying on fossil fuels to power vehicles.

Coronavirus Has Decreased Air Pollution, but Cars Are not the Whole Pollution Picture

Coronavirus Has Decreased Air Pollution, but Cars Are not the Whole Pollution Picture

The pandemic has meant less car pollution, but not much of a decrease in overall pollution. Why? Because car pollution is just one player.

Emissions Declines Set New Records—and Cause Worry

Emissions Declines Set New Records——and Cause Worry

Research suggests that a nearly eight percent in overall fossil fuel use, driven by the coronavirus pandemic, is both record-setting and worrysome.

Climate Change in the Age of COVID-19: The NYT Greenhouse, Part I

Climate Change in the Age of COVID-19: The NYT Greenhouse, Part I

Kicking off the first of a five-part series titled The Greenhouse, the New York Times has invited listeners around the U.S. to hear what climate journalists have to say about global warming climate change in the age of the coronavirus. Here’s a recap of the first event.

How Cities Are Adopting EVs to Urban Infrastructure

How Cities Are Adopting EVs to Urban Infrastructure

Adoption forecasts for EVs increase just about every year, and the shift is overall good news for the environment. However, it does create a new problem for city planners, who now have to find a way to rapidly upgrade EV infrastructure

Energy in the Climate Future: Predictions from the International Energy Agency

Energy in the Climate Future: Predictions from the International Energy Agency

The annual World Energy Outlook was just released, and along with it, various forecasts for the future of energy sources and the climate crisis. Clean energy is growing, but not fast enough, it reports.

New California Program Supports Clean Mobility Projects

The $17 million program focuses on the needs of smaller groups and communities to provide clean mobility solutions that include car- bike- or scooter-sharing projects and subsidies for transit or car-hailing companies.

DOT Completes Review of Draft EA for DC-Baltimore Loop Project

The Boring Company's website for the project indicates the two tunnels would be constructed at least 30 feet below ground and the project initially would be a high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported in autonomous electric vehicles traveling at up to 150 miles per hour.

NYC Mayor Cutting City's Vehicle Fleet

The city will eliminate least 1,000 vehicles from its fleet by June 2021 and will reduce the number of take-home vehicles by at least 500 vehicles, curtail the reliance on SUVs in the city fleet, and promote increased vehicle efficiency by using advanced data collection.

Sacramento's Electric Car Share Program Expanded to All Residents

"Gig is thrilled to bring the largest all-electric car sharing service in the United States to Sacramento, a city that's becoming recognized as a worldwide leader in zero-emission energy," said Jason Haight, president of GIG Car Share.

IKEA Norfolk Store to Feature Large Solar Array

The new store will feature a 180,000-square-foot solar array and three EV charging stations.

Colorado Governor Signs Order on Zero Emission Vehicles

"Today's executive order will strengthen our economy and protect the wallets of consumers across the state. As we continue to move towards a cleaner electric grid, the public health and environmental benefits of widespread transportation electrification will only increase," Gov. Jared Polis said Jan. 17.

GM Planning Largest EV Charging Network

New information to be provided by the charging networks will include real-time data on charge station health to report whether a charging station is working, available, and compatible with a Chevrolet Bolt EV.

California EV Sales Top 500,000

"Reaching 500,000 electric vehicles in California is yet another indicator that the future of transportation is electric. And that future is approaching faster than ever," said Veloz board Chair David Hochschild. "We have seen monthly sales of electric vehicles triple this year, and California is well on our way to 5 million by 2030."

DOE Funds 40 New Projects

The selected OPEN 2018 projects are in 21 states and fall into nine technical categories, including transportation, electricity generation and delivery, and energy efficiency.

Pennsylvania Offers Grants for EV Charging Stations

The funding comes from Pennsylvania's $118 million settlement with Volkswagen Group of America for cheating on EPA emissions tests, and the grants and rebates are available through Gov. Tom Wolf's Driving PA Forward initiative, which aims to permanently reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution from vehicles.

California to Help Farmers Buy Cleaner Heavy Equipment

"Although tough new engine standards are in effect now and will eventually lower emissions, most agricultural equipment lasts for decades. We cannot wait for the older dirtier equipment to phase out naturally, so we are taking action to improve air quality sooner by helping farmers to buy cleaner farm equipment now," CARB Executive Officer Richard Corey said.

Volvo's Sales of Electric Buses Top 4,000

Volvo Buses has now sold more than 4000 electrified Volvo buses to customers around the world, the company announced March 14, saying its latest order is for 90 hybrid buses from Brussels.

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