Certification & Accreditation

ISASecure Certification Accepted as ANSI Pilot Accreditation Program

The program establishes a baseline level of security for automation controls bearing the ISASecure certification and should help companies with procurement.

Wandering the Web

This week's new or improved websites cover smart grid, integrated environmental modeling, ISO/AS certification and more. Feel free to rate a site after you have visited it or even suggest one for discussion. If we get enough positive feedback, we may add the most useful sites to Environmental Protection's Industry Links.

Hyflux Membrane Earns First Cryptosporidium Removal Certification

NSF International said the achievement demonstrates compliance with EPA's Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule.

BAN Launches Electronics Recycling Certification

Both environmental groups and corporations back the e-Stewards initiative, according to the Basel Action Network.

Get Credentialed: No Question About it

The NREP's director of operations explains the value of certification to every environmental professional's bottom line.

Contractors Need to Know Lead-based Paint Requirements

Requirements for certification, training and work practices go into effect on April 22 along with the potential for fines of $32,500 per violation per day.

Company Offers Free Counseling, Funding for Unemployed

Everblue has established counseling services to help unemployed workers pay for and pass their LEED Green Associate Exam and will assist them in exploring job options.

Square D Receives Occupational Excellence Award

The National Safety Council names Square D Services a winner for occupational achievement for reporting few injuries and illnesses and no fatalities in 2008.

UL Offers Certification for Dispensers of E25 Blends

At blends above E25, there is increased potential for different types of damage to materials and components and, as a result, there are more stringent requirements.